What Is The Amazon Sex Position – How It Empowers Your Sex Life?

Introduction To Amazon Sex Position

Orgasms are something that you and I can achieve by having sex with our partners using any basic posture. However, there are some sex positions that have the ability to elevate your orgasm when you do it.

They are not acrobatic and do not require you to do anything out of the ordinary. We want to introduce you to the Amazon sex position. You would be stunned to know that more than 40,000 people search about it on the internet every month.

I first came to know about the Amazon sex position from a friend who tried it with her partner. She was very enthusiastically describing that intense moment that it almost got me; thanks to the fact that we were in a coffee shop, I was able to control my inner feelings.

Upon further research, we learned that this sex position needs some intense physical flexibility. No, it is not for the faint of heart. Your partner needs to have a large penis for you to be able to stimulate yourself.

However, there is no harm in trying it out few times. Many of my friends have said that it is orgasmic, but they struggled with the balance that makes the climax a little complicated. Once you get over the position, you will do just fine.

How Do You Prepare Yourself For The Amazon Sex Position?

The most important aspect of the Amazon sex position is patience. You may want to take some time to position yourself. Make sure that your partner is comfortable with the position. Begin slowly, and then if you are alright, you can move faster.

Your partner has to lie on his back. Then he has to lift his legs slightly in the air for you to be able to slide inside. He must bend his knees such that they touch his stomach. Yes, your partner needs to be slightly flexible.

You will then have to place yourself on his butt and insert his penis inside your vagina. You can either be facing him or sit the other way. It can be done both ways. There are no issues with that as long as you are comfortable.

Your positioning on him will be such that you are kneeling on him. Many women tend to feel that their knees are not reaching their partner’s penis. If that is the case with you, then you can squat instead next to his butt.

You should be able to reach to his penis and insert it inside you with ease. Once it is done, you can decide on the pace and motion. We felt that this position requires you and your partner to be quite flexible.

Though the control power is there for the woman who is on top, people have described it as an intense physical exercise. You could say that the position is a combination of the missionary and the cowgirl in many ways.

It becomes more sort of a bouncy ride than a smooth ride. But this helps women orgasm better, and men show off their physical powers. As we said at the beginning of this post itself, this posture is going to bring out the best in you.

Few Myths About The Amazon Sex Position

Before we read further, we wanted to bust few myths about the Amazon sex position.

Myth #1.  Your Partner Should Have A Large Penis.

This seems to be the case in almost any sex position. Yes, the size does matter, but not when you know how to use it. Several sex experts have said that it is not required for a man to have a large penis to satisfy the woman.

Luckily, in the Amazon sex position, even if your partner has a small penis, he can satisfy you, provided you both do it with patience. Flexibility and agility are the keys here, more than the size of his penis.

Myth #2.  It Gives Pleasure To The Male-Only.

Though it may be true in one way, you can enjoy the sex position too. Your clitoris will be stimulated nicely when your vulva is aroused gently. Mind you; this is not a gentle ride. It is more of a penetrating bounce.

We suggest you can try out some of the variations if you are not comfortable with the sex position. You can tell your partner to rub your clitoris gently. If you cannot experience arousal, you can use a sex toy like cock rings.

The cock rings can be placed on your partner’s penis to help him do it longer. Perhaps, you can be aroused and enjoy your sexual encounter with him. Otherwise, you can consider using the dildo and rub it gently around you when having sex.

Benefits Of Doing The Amazon Sex Position

Listed below are few benefits of doing the Amazon sex position with your partner.

#1  Amazon Sex Position Is The Dominant Female Posture

The Amazon sex posture relies on dominancy. Since you are on top, it is known as the vulva dominant position. That is because you are in control. According to Greek mythology, the Amazon women were female warriors.

Besides, they had voluptuous features. Perhaps, this position got from the name from them. If you look at other sex positions, your male partner with the penis has more power. For many women, this has been a problem.

They, too, would like to take the reins of action. Using this sex position, they can take full control of their male counterparts and decide on the rhythm and pace of activity.

#2  You Get To Enjoy The LDP

The sex position allows you to enjoy having sexual intercourse with a partner having a long dick. In some European countries, it is known as the long dick position. When your lover has a long dildo, you know that you will have a good time.

Given the position, his penis should get past your thighs and then inside your vagina. Though it works just fine, if your lover has a lengthy dick, things can get lengthier, orgasm included. Of course, you want to take pleasure with the traits of your partner.

#3 You Get To Show Off Your Flexibility

During sex, you need to be flexible. When you are doing it with a physically intense position, like this one, we cannot emphasize the importance of flexibility. It is alright if you require some time to get used to the position.

You can do so at your own pace. It is not surprising to note that many men and women find this position liberating. You have several variations of the Amazon sex position that we will be discussing in a moment.

# 4  Your Partner Effortlessly Stimulates You

Your partner effortlessly stimulates you. He gets to rub your clitoris as and when he wants to. Since you are on top, you can stimulate your own vagina using a sex toy or vibrator. Don’t be surprised when your sexual pleasure increases.

You may even hit several orgasms when having sex using this position. Whether your partner has a small penis or a large one, it isn’t going to make a difference here.

#5  You Both Maintain Eye To Eye Contact Throughout

Strong eye contact is maintained throughout your sexual intercourse. When having sexual intercourse, you must maintain eye contact throughout. This helps in enhancing the bond between each other.

We like to recommend this pointer for everybody because it really stimulates the understanding between you and your partner. You are connecting your physical and emotional feelings with your contact.

Exciting Amazon Sex Position Variations

If you found the Amazon sex position interesting, we are sure that you will love the variations listed below.

1)   The top cat sex position.

The top cat sex position is almost like the Amazon sex posture. The cat stands for coital alignment technique. Unlike the cat sex position, which is reminiscent of the missionary, your legs are on the inside of your lover’s legs.

This position is typical of your cowgirl posture. If you or your lover prefer the cowgirl position, then this posture would be most ideal. Your hip flexibility tends to decrease when you have sexual intercourse using this position.

You begin in the regular cowgirl sex position on top of your partner. With his penis inside you, then you can gently transfer your legs inside your lover’s legs. Your partner’s legs are almost on your hips.

You can hold his ankles or knees, whatever is comfortable and possible to do during the act. When feasible, you can squat riding on his penis, giving him intense pleasure. Besides, this position provides you eloquent orgasms.

2)   The reverse Amazon sex position.

The reverse Amazon sex position is just the opposite posture of the Amazon position. At times, you can find it challenging to keep your balance and hip position as well. If that bothers you a lot, then this position would be ideal.

Here, you are facing the other way to the wall. It is similar to the Amazon sex position, only that your body is positioned on the opposite side. In a sense, you have seated backward on your partner’s legs with his penis right inside of you.

You can kneel down comfortably, use the balance of your feet or choose to have your knees up. You can do what is comfortable and convenient for you and your partner.

3)   The squatting cowgirl sex position.

The squatting cowgirl sex position is a modification of the cowgirl posture. If you love to have sexual intercourse in the cowgirl position, then there is no reason why you won’t love this position.

The Amazon sex position tends to take up too much from them for some women or men, leaving them high and dry. If that is the case, you can enhance your sex life with the squatting position.

Your feet are placed near your lover’s waist. This is a very dynamic and appealing sex position. In the tantric universe, it is known as the great bee. We prefer to suggest this position because it enables you to try something new without hurting your body.

How To Talk To Your Partner About Getting Into The Amazon Sex Position?

By now, you would know this position require extreme physical flexibility. We understand if you are not sure about it.

You do not have to be built like an athlete to be able to do it. Initially, you may find it awkward and challenging in a way or two. However, you need to ensure that proper communication is there between both of you.

If you are feeling uncomfortable, then you can tell it to your partner. Perhaps, if your partner who has his knees bent is feeling discomfort, you can make it known to you. Try to support yourself on your partner’s knees when riding him gently.

Precautions To Take When Doing The Amazon Sex Position

Though the Amazon sex position is a great sex posture for couples, you need to take few precautions. If you are somebody with heart ailments or above 50 – 60 years of age, you might want to be careful when trying it out.

As we read above, it is a physically demanding sex position. It would help if you were extremely fit and healthy to do this position. It requires the cooperation of both partners. In the case of the woman, it can hurt your knees.

That is because your body weight is transferred to your knees. You will be in a squatting position when having sexual intercourse. Your partner, on the other hand, may not experience complete penetration inside of you.

It can be slightly frustrating for him in the long run. On the bright side, if your lover does not might little pain and probably enjoys it, then the Amazon sex position might be the one. When you notice that your knees are hurting too much or your partner is having excessing back pain, then please do not hesitate to take the opinion of a reliable doctor.

This was merely a preventive measure. You can always make use of the other variations of the Amazon sex posture that we have discussed. Besides, you can kindle the fire and passion using different sex toys and alternative sex positions too.

FAQs On Amazon Sex Position

Q1.  I’m a little overweight. Can I have sex using the Amazon sex position?

As we have been saying right from the start of the post, anybody can have sex using the Amazon sex posture. All it takes is some practice and willpower. Besides, your partner will have to be patient with you because he will be lying down beneath you.

Q2.  How much does my partner have to perform in the Amazon sex posture?

It is the other way around because the woman on top has to perform well. As it is your partner has his legs hanging in the air. Many men have found it difficult to keep still in the same position for even a few minutes.

So, you can imagine how strenuous it must be for him down there. Depending on how much he is enjoying, he will oblige. However, it takes some practice and a lot of patience to perfect the Amazon sex position.

Q3.  What if I’m not comfortable with the Amazon sex position?

That is why we have suggested few variations of the Amazon sex position. You can perhaps try them out. They are quite simple and easy. We liked the reverse Amazon and the squatting cowgirl position.

Q4.  Why is the Amazon sex position so popular among my friends?

With more than 40,000 people searching about this sex position on a monthly basis, throughout the world. You know that you are dealing with something special. For many people, it might seem challenging to do in the beginning, but as they progress, they tend to get the hang of it.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading the post on the Amazon sex position. As we read, this can be an exciting posture to try with your partner. It not only brings out the creative side in you but enables both of you to have a physically active sex life.

You can also try out the variations that we have mentioned for you. However, please do not hesitate to disengage if you or your partner feel discomfort when doing it. Remember, couples who know how to have fun together stay together no matter what.

Did you like something that you read above? Please do let us know your experience with the Amazon sex position in the comments section. We would be more than delighted to hear from you.

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