Asian Cowgirl Sex Position – How to Ride Your Man Using the AGC?

Asian cowgirl sex position
Asian cowgirl sex

The Asian cowgirl position is a familiar and favorite one among most women. It is not only easy to ride your man, but you can also get more depth using this sex position. The Asian cowgirl sex position is also known as the ACG and is quite similar to the cowgirl posture.

While you are on top of your partner, there are a few things that you would want to know. They have to be considered when you want to perform it with your lover. It is almost like the cowgirl position, but you support your body using your knees on top of your partner.

You can do it on the bed, on your sofa or even on the floor if you like. The main element of doing it successfully depends on the woman. You may want to take support of your partner’s chest or legs.

It is alright if you are not flexible and find the position quite tiring as it is supposed to be. However, we have provided you with some exciting Asian sex position variations that you will find stimulating.

Keep reading to find out how to get into pairing with your partner, the benefits of doing it, and a few sex variations. We have also provided the FAQs at the end of the post.

What Is Your Role In The Asian Cowgirl Sex Position?

The Asian cowgirl sex position is one of the most physically dominating postures that we have seen. Though it is on par with the cowgirl sex position, you need to take your entire weight on your knees.

That can be slightly demanding when you do it for a long time. We suggest that you begin slowly using the cowgirl position and then switch to your knees gently. You must make the switch gradually, or you can hurt yourself or your partner’s penis.

To get into position, your partner has to lie down on his back. His legs can be bent at the knees. Then you have to position yourself on his erect penis with your knees bent. Then you can straddle him gently.

It is as if you are squatting on him. When you find that you are getting tired, then you can take support on his bent knees. You can slowly ride him up and down. You can also change the angle you are doing it, either leaning forward or backward.

We like this sex position a lot because it gives the woman incredible control over the ride quality and, besides, enables her to cum nicely. From a man’s point of view, he enjoys the ride and does not have to do much.

What Does Your Man Have To Do In The Asian Cowgirl Sex Position?

Besides enjoying the sex and front view, your partner has to ensure that he can support you using his bent knees. Though, he can lie down doing nothing. But to give you that optimum support and arousal, he can gently thrust his penis inside and out.

He can also feel your back and place his hands under your butt and offer support to it. This reduces the body pressure on your knees. The key element is offering each other proper support just when you both need it.

Your partner can also place his hands on both sides of your stomach to help you keep balance.

Benefits Of Doing The Asian Cowgirl Sex Position

We have discussed some of the benefits of having sex using the ACG.

They are as follows:

  1. You have complete control over the performance in this sex position. Isn’t that a great thing?
  2. You get deep penetration and thrust from your partner. Since he is lying underneath you, he can push harder.
  3. You have intense clitoral stimulation. Your clitoris is rubbed extremely hard in this position.
  4. You are in control of your sexual arousal. You get to decide how much you are going to get aroused in this posture.
  5. Your partner is pleased with the show you put on for him. Men typically like to see their women grind hard on them. It gives them a big high.
  6. It is not that difficult to perform with your partner. Initially, you may find it challenging. With little practice, you can not only learn to do it but derive intense pleasure from it.
  7. You receive the ultimate orgasm at the end of the sexual encounter. Both partners seem to get good orgasms with this sex position when compared to other postures.

Limitations Of The Asian Cowgirl Position

We have written these factors based on feedback given by couples who have tried the Asian cowgirl position. Knowing them will enable you to be prepared mentally and physically. Let us read them and find out how we can truly enjoy this sex position.

#1 It Looks Pretty Challenging To Do

This is not your traditional missionary or woman on top, where you just hop on and ride your partner. It involves some passion and the desire to really satisfy your partner. We feel that couples who actually involve themselves in this position tend to enjoy it more than others.

So, try and put in some energy before you perform this sex position.  

#2 It Is Extremely Exhaustive

We have already informed this point in the early part of the post. Yes, we are aware of that. However, you will be surprised to know that even 20-year-olds tend to get exhausted very quickly.

They find it challenging to be in the same position for few minutes. When that is the case, you may want to try having sex slowly. Don’t hurry up initially. Take your time and get used to the rhythm and then push harder if you can.

How To Cope With Limitations of The ACG Position

It is also alright to take a small break and then try some other sex position if you want. We feel that you can last longer holding your man. Tell your partner to do the thrusting inside of you. We are sure he will oblige.

You can consider using a pillow underneath your butt to help support you. This ensures that your legs do not take all the weight on them and get weakened. Of course, when using a pillow, your partner may have to keep his legs together.

Similar Positions To The Asian Cowgirl Position

We have listed some postures that are pretty similar to the Asian cowgirl position. If you find the original sex posture challenging to perform, then you can always consider doing these positions with your partner.

  1. The corner cowgirl: This is a fun position to try with your partner or lover. Your partner should lie on his back, and his crotch area is positioned at the corner of the bed. This enables him to have one leg on the side of the bed and the other leg at the end of the bed. You will need to get into the cowgirl sex position and gently ride him. You can perhaps rest your knees or squat. You can have sexual intercourse with your partner at the corner of the bed. It would help if you were careful about doing it at the edge of the bed as you can fall or hurt yourself.
  2. The sofa surprise: As the name implies, this involves the sofa. You are basically doing it on your couch without worrying about other stuff. Some couples also do it on the floor and the armchair. Your partner has to sit on the sofa or the armchair. Then you need to sit on his penis and ride him, squatting gently. You may want to ensure that you do not put all your body weight on him; otherwise, he may not be able to enjoy the rhythm. If you or your partner likes having sex on the sofa, then you might as well try this variation.
  3. The mastery: It is the same sex position that you can do with your partner on a sofa. Though this is a fun and exciting sex position, it is surprising to note that many couples do not know about it. Today would be a good day to try it with your lover. Your partner’s feet should be on the floor with his butt and thigh region on the sofa or bed. You should gently kneel on him and wrap your arms around him. He can then begin gently riding you. This is a mild and gentle sex position. Please note that the chair can withstand at least 300 pounds or more because it will carry 2 individuals.
  4. The fast-food: When you are in the mood for a quickie, you can try this sex position. Here you have to squat over your partner on the bed. To do it, you will need to place your man on his back and then have his knees slightly bent. You can either squat on him or sit on him using your knees on the bed. His arms can be wrapped around your back to give you support. Of course, you have to make sure that you start proceedings quite vigorously.

We are not surprised to note that these sex variations of the cowgirl are liked by women a lot. You love it when you have control of your man, especially when it comes to sexual intercourse, don’t you?


Q1. I get tired very quickly with the ACG. Is it normal?

Yes, this is normal for even the physically fittest women out there. The position is such that you are squatting, and the entire body weight is transferred to your legs. If you are getting tired very fast using the Asian cowgirl sex position, you might want to try some of the variations discussed in the above post.

We are sure that you can gain immense pleasure from your man with a bit of practice, provided you are steady with your body. Besides, your partner would definitely appreciate your effort and do his best to go as deep as possible.

Q2. Are the cowgirl and Asian cowgirl sex positions the same?

Sex positions do not necessarily have to be the same. They can be slight variations in them and hence the name. Of course, the Asian cowgirl position is a lot similar to the cowgirl sex posture. However, you are squatted here, seated fully inside your man’s penis.

This position is quite popular among men and women because of its ability to give ultimate sexual arousal. Besides, it is also suitable for having anal sex, if you desire. Many women find this position perfect for anal sexual intercourse.

Q3. I’m 4 months pregnant. Can I have sex using the Asian cowgirl posture?

We don’t want to disappoint you, but you need to get the go-ahead from your doctor. All women are not the same. While some women don’t mind having sex when they are pregnant, it might affect the unborn child.

Usually, women are advised to refrain from having sex during the first trimester and the last trimester. You can perhaps have oral sex or the woman on top at the most. We would not recommend the Asian cowgirl sex position for your current health condition.

Q4. What are some exciting sex position variations of the Asian cowgirl posture?

We have discussed them briefly in the above post. Our favorite would be the sofa surprise and the fast fuck. These sex positions are the ideal variations for the Asian cowgirl, and they provide you with immense satisfaction.

They are not very challenging to do either. The sofa surprise can be exciting, and an actual test for your sofa set too. You only need to ensure that your furniture can withstand your weight. Likewise, the fast fuck is suitable when you are getting ready for work or shopping and want to answer your sexual arousal.

Summing Up

The Asian cowgirl sex position is enjoyable to do. Both of you are in an intense posture that enables you to perform well. Besides, you try to keep outdoing each other. We have also provided you with sex variations of the ACG position.

Don’t get frustrated or angry with yourself if you get tired soon. These things happen. You can talk about it with your partner or lover and come up with a better alternative. The alternative varies from couple to couple.

We highly recommend the sofa surprise and the fast fuck as excellent alternatives for the ACG. It is not surprising to see that this position is popular among couples as the man can deeply thrust inside you intensely, giving you optimum pleasure.

So, go ahead and try it today if possible. Do tell us about your experience.

Good day!

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