Face Off Sex Position – Time For Having Sex Like In The Films

Are you finding the woman on top, missionary a tat boring? If then, we will introduce you to an exciting sex position, the face off. As the name goes, both of you are going to face each other. The posture offers you intense connectivity with the partner you plan on doing it with.

This woman is in a top position that most men would not have tried it earlier in their lives. You know that they are in for a massive ride from you. Besides, the sex posture is not that difficult to do, even for slightly overweight women.

When your sex life is taking a turn down, then you might consider this position and give a little surprise to your man.

What is the face off sex position?

The face off sex position is a simple posture that you can get into with your partner. Your partner needs to lie down on his back or sit on the bed with his legs stretched out. His body can be upright.

Then you need to stand close to him and bend your knees to get on to him. You need to place his penis into your vagina and clasp him. The position improves the intimacy between you both. That is because you are close to your partner and enjoy the intimate romance.

Though the position is similar to the woman on top where you are riding him, the heat level is up. There he is, licking or sucking your breast once in a while; this posture is more passionate.

What is the face off sex position?

You have to sit on your man's penis and ride him, with your partner sitting upright or lying entirely down. The whole idea is ensuring that you are comfortable in the sex position. Besides, you need to make sure that you keep your balance and give him a fabulous time.

It is actually pretty easy. When you can keep your legs straight, then it can get quite sore quickly. However, when you bend your knees, then you can remain in that same position for quite a while.

When you need to take a break, then you can stand up too. You can also switch the position if you want to. This position is all about giving each other blow jobs and fellatio.

What does your man have to do in the face off position?

Your partner does not have to do much except from enjoying the ride. However, your lover must ensure that you are able to balance yourself when riding him. He can start by giving you with cunnilingus if you prefer it that way.

As it is, both of you will be clasped to each other. Your partner can place his hands around your back to ensure that you are able to stay in the same position. Maybe he can caress your back. Additionally, he can also lick or suck your breasts.

What to know when performing the face off sex position

The face off sex position is a great way to enhance your dwindling sex life, if you may. Though the posture is not the same as the 69 or spooning, it is much better than the woman on top and the missionary posture.

Here are some pointers that you may want to keep in mind when performing the act with your partner.

  • If you find bending down on your man's penis challenging, then you might want to position your feet behind your partner's rear. This way, you do not have to bend down and put stress on your legs.
  • The position is ideal for having oral sex between you both. You can either do it or have your man do it. Not to mention, you can stand up if you want to and have your partner lick your clitoris.
  • You can think of performing the face off in the reverse position for more fun. Perhaps, your lover can stand and lean when you are seated. While this position may work for some, it may not work for some couples. That is fine.

More about face off sex position

This part is for those of you finding it difficult to bend down or lay down on your partner. Maybe you have a back issue or knee problem. That is fine because anybody can get to do this sex posture.

When your partner is seated on the bed, you can gently get on him. Have your lover hold your hips for additional support so that you don't lose balance and fall the other way. Besides, you do not want to injure his penis.

It can also be the other way. The standing person can bend at the waist and put their mouth to give oral sex to another person. The person who is seated can perform the same on the other people.

Ways to Increase the passion in the face off sex position

You can increase the passion in the face off sex position by doing the following ideas.

  • You can clasp each other and hold tight.
  • You can look at each other.
  • You can whisper sweets things into each other ears.
  • When wrapped around, gently feel his body.
  • Kiss your man gently and breasts.
  • When you are inside him, try to feel your body. While it may sound weird, it instills confidence in you. Your man will be delighted if you do that.

You can make use of your own creativity and infuse more ideas. There is always scope for making your experience better.

Face off sex position alternatives

Below is some face off sex position alternatives for you to try out with your partner.

Cowgirl sex position

This classic woman on top sex position enables you to control everything. You not only get to control the rhythm of the sexual intercourse with your lover but a great way to make yourself satisfied.

Besides, it is a vibrator-friendly posture. This position is for those of you who are keen on trying out the vibrator on yourself. You can also get to decide on how wide you want to spread your legs and orgasm.

To heat up things, you can hold your partner's hands above his head. You can also tie him up aka, Basic Instinct. Perhaps, you both could watch the movie scenes for some inspiration and try out few things by tickling the nipple and blindfold.

Cowgirl's helper sex position

The cowgirl's helper is associated with the cowgirl sex posture. It is almost the same as the cowgirl where you are seated on top of your man. However, this posture puts low stress on your legs.

You can easily orgasm with this position. Maybe, you can think of alternating between mild penetration leaning slightly forward on your man. Then it would help if you thrust a few times inside and out deeply.

You can rock your hips all the way down. It is similar to riding a horse at a decent pace. You can also kneel on top of your lover's chest and slide on his thighs if you want. Your partner can support your weight and grab your hips as you move on his chest.

Reverse cowgirl sex position

The reverse cowgirl sex position is the opposite of the cowgirl where you are looking the other way. You are sitting on your man, turning your back towards him. This is a great way to achieve your orgasm.

Besides, your partner won't be complaining if you have a nice looking back. He would be enjoying your moves on him. When you want to have fun, then ask your partner to shift position, and bend his knees.

This lets you to stimulate your clitoris. Your partner's thighs are the ideal place to rub your clitoris and make you cum. Your lover can also lie on his back, and you can ride him, facing his feet.

Champagne Room sex position

The champagne room sex position has nothing to do with champagne but plenty of sex. You can ride on your man while he sits straight, supporting his body using both hands. If you find it challenging to penetrate and move around your partner's penis, ask him to support you gently.

He would gladly oblige to help you. It works splendidly for having anal and vaginal sexual intercourse. Since your hands are free, you can either stimulate yourself or place your hands just about anywhere you want.

When you want to have some fun, then you can slow the pace of the ride. Your partner can sit, and you can sit facing towards him if you want. Just make sure that you both do it on a small chair or firm surface.

The Om sex position

The Om sex position is suitable for lazy partners. When you really feel that you both want to get energy from each other, the Om posture is ideal. It is based on the India Kamasutra postures. You can have your own version of it.

This position requires your man to sit down in a typical yoga position, and you can penetrate him using your thrust. It is more of a rocking sex posture than anything else. You both have adequate eye contact with each other and build your intimacy. Try and create a steady rhythm with each other for this alluring yet straightforward posture.

Make sure to grind your pubic bone, and you are rubbing your clitoris. You can make your partner sit on a yoga posture and then sit on his lap facing him. It would help if you wrapped your legs around him tightly and get started, hugging each other for enthusiastic support.

The Lazy Man sex position

The Lazy Man sex position makes you control the ride and provides both of you with immense intimacy. You need to make use of your lover's pelvis region to masturbate and orgasm in the end.

Your partner can sit down with his legs stretched out. You need to sit on his erect penis and rock back and forth as you wish. You can fool around with each other, playing with his nipples and make him touch your butt and anus, maybe for heating up things.

Your lover can lick, massage, and even kiss around your neck region to make you feel nice. Place two pillows around your lover's back, then make him sit with legs slightly wide open. Then you can straddle his waist. Make sure to insert slowly, giving him more pleasure.

The above were some enticing sex positions for you to try out with your partner to enjoy your love-making sessions.

Maintain a fitness regime

You may not find this segment in most sex-related articles, but we feel that it is vital. Both of you can consider doing it together during your free time. Just like you plan up for having some sex with each other, you can fix up a day and time for having exercise at home.

It not only helps you to keep your weight in check but enables you to experiment and have more fun with different positions. Just like you cannot wait to have sex with each other, make it a point to work out and exercise regularly.

Face Off Sex Position; FAQ

My partner is having premature ejaculation. What should I do?

We think that the face off sex position is the ideal posture for men having premature ejaculation. That is because you can ride him profoundly and gently. Similar to the woman on top, you control the flow of the action.

Make sure to take things slowly and not fast. When you push hard, then you may find it extremely challenging to move ahead. There is no need to get annoyed with your partner. Have some foreplay with each other, give him oral sex so that he delays his ejaculation.

I like to switch sex positions, but my partner is not happy with it.

Some partners may not be too comfortable with the fact that you keep switching positions. You can have a list of postures that you want to try out before beginning the activity. Switch the position once you are done with a particular stance.

You can start with the face off sex position or missionary, and then move on to the 69 or spooning, and end the session with doggy style. It entirely depends on you both. Men won't complain about postures that give them a view of your back.

Is the face off sex position ideal for pregnant women?

No, we would not recommend you do it if you are pregnant. Now, pregnancy can vary from woman to woman. While some women do not mind having physical or sexual activity, most women may have a strenuous affair.

You never know what may happen inside your body as you take care of an unborn child and yourself. The best would be to take the suggestion of your doctor and refrain from doing it. At the most, you can give your partner oral sex; that is fine.

What kind of exercises would you recommend?

Any physical activity to ensure that both of you actively take part in the sexual intercourse. At times, you can find yourself getting tired too soon or your partner not happy about his play. The best way would be to keep in top shape.

Regular 30-minute walking or jogging is sufficient. You can also consider having yoga sessions in your home, if possible. The best would be to get yourself an exercise bike to cycle at home or a walker.


While some sex positions help you work things out for a long duration, some don't. There is no need to get upset and worked up. You can try the face off sex position and get some pleasure from it.

This sex position is quite simple and gives you both sufficient intimacy. Men love the woman in a top position, and you maintain eye contact throughout. Many women like to change and switch sex positions now and then when making love.

You can try it new things that make you both feel adventurous. Though it may take some time to find the right kind of sex position, you can try out what works for you both eventually. Would you please do keep the fitness regime in your mind when trying out new positions?

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