5 Reasons Why Must You Try The Flatiron Sex Position

What comes to your mind when you hear the term flatiron.? Probably something to do with ironing your clothes. Perhaps, ensuring that your laundry is done. Well, we will tell you all about it in this post.

Flatiron has nothing to do with clothes or your laundry. Of course, it is related to your body because we are talking about one of the world's most comfortable and highly pleasurable sex positions.

Unlike most sex positions requiring you to add some acrobatics or have sexy lingerie to make them seductive, this posture is stimulating in nature. As we have got your attention now, why don't we find out more about this exciting posture and read till the end?

What is the flatiron sex position?

Though it is called a flatiron, it does not look or feel like a flat iron. You are going to lie down on your stomach with your legs together. Your partner then penetrates you from behind. Women love this position as it one of those rare occasions where they can lie down doing nothing much but enjoying the pleasure from their partner's penis.

Your lover can either be on his knees or enter you from behind, lying down on you, unlike in the doggy sex posture, where the disconnect happens as your partner is humping you from the back. Though you are having sexual intercourse, the bonding between the mind is taken away.

The flatiron sex position is a great way to enhance the intimacy between you both. This means that your partner is almost in the same position as he is during the missionary position. However, you will be lying down on your stomach and not on your back.

So, this is posture is going to be different for you in comparison to the missionary position.

Is it a derivative of the doggy sex position?

They say that most sex positions are derivatives of the main postures. In a sense, for instance, the flatiron is a derivative of the doggy style. Nobody is complaining about that and frankly speaking, nobody is bothered whether it is a derivative or not.

The main thing here is that it gives both the woman and the man intense sexual arousal and intimacy as well.

What is your role in the flatiron sex position?

When you are having sexual intercourse with your man in the flatiron position, you may not be able to move much. Your man is in total control of the posture and the rhythm as well. You may, at the most, lift your hips slightly up for better penetration and viewing angle for your man.

As your hands are free, you can bring him closer to you and perhaps lip-lock with him constantly. You can also consider caressing your hands around his face and neck regions. If you can manage it, then lift your legs closer to your stomach area so that your partner can push in deeper.

However, he may not be able to put his entire body weight on you. It is something that both of you can talk about before venturing in into the unknown.

What is your partner's role in the flatiron sex position?

As we read, your partner will have to do the major share of the workload in this sex position. Your partner can remain in the same position and penetrate harder inside of you if he wants. As this position may get a bit boring after some time, you can switch over to a missionary sex position for a while and then get back.

Besides, he may want to give some rest to his hips. Some couples have felt the need for the man to move around a bit to find the right spot to hump the woman. In a sense, it could be little to the left or right.

Your partner can move close to your ear and talk dirty to you. He can also lean in and smooch your back area or face, hold you by the shoulders and penetrate you deeply. He will have to be on his knees in that case. Additionally, your partner can put both his hands around you and pull you to him when he thrusts inside of you.

Benefits of having the flatiron sex posture with your partner

The flatiron sex position has nothing flat to do about it. There is no iron material involved either. Both of you can perform it, with the woman lying on the side of the bed, with her legs bent. The woman can show her figurative side by lying on her stomach.

This posture is a feast to the eyes of the man. More of a flatter position for the woman to showcase her beauty. We strongly feel that this position brings out the best in a woman by simply showing off her curves. Here are few reasons why you must not miss out on flatiron.

It is a combination of missionary and doggy styles.

From its looks, the flatiron sex position is a mixture of both doggy and missionary postures. It gives you the best in both worlds. The missionary position enables you to be intimate with each other.

Likewise, the doggy brings out the wild side in you both. You can just let go of everything you have inside of you. The flatiron posture is not only refreshing but quite passionate because your partner can push in slower or harder depending on the intensity.

Your sexual intercourse can last longer.

That is right. With the flatiron sex position, your duration can last longer than most of the other postures. This posture is such that your partner controls the flow of the thrust. He can either push in hard or slow.

Take in deep breaths and maintain a slow speed ensures that you both orgasm after delay. He can place his arms around you to share an intense smooch on your lips and neck as well. Your man can caress your stomach region, too, helping you to feel the love.

Overall, your partner calls the shots, and the duration basically lies in his hands and penis.

The posture enables your man to penetrate deep.

The sex position enables your partner to move in quite deep. This posture allows him to stimulate your G-spot intensely. You can place your legs near your stomach to raise your hips for him to penetrate a little deep.

You get both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

Since he is on top of you, you cannot do much with the body movements except raise your hips higher if you want. Instead, you can either use your fingers to stimulate yourself or gently place one of your hands around his hips or face to make the session intense.

Besides, you can make him cum inside of you after enjoying every moment of the thrusting and banging done. This sex position helps both the participants to have a pleasurable experience. As you can see, you are doubling your chances of having an orgasm.

The posture enables you both to ease the monotony.

Many couples have complained that they get bored with the same missionary sex position. These things happen because even though you both have amazing sex, it doesn't take long for things to get repetitive.

It is best to mix things up, and this is where the flatiron sex position comes in. You can try lying on the sides when performing the posture. Some partners have suggested lying on the sides for better penetration and orgasm.

What to know when performing the flatiron sex position?

Here are a few things that you would want to know when performing the flatiron sex position.

  • If you are having sexual intercourse with your partner in the missionary position and want to try the flatiron, then it is best to switch over slowly. Your partner may want to remove his penis from inside you so that you position yourself comfortably. Some couples like to do the switch without disconnecting. It may not be safe for both of you.
  • Your partner may have to move around a bit to achieve the right position on you. It is alright if it takes time because both of you need to be comfortable when performing the flatiron sex position.
  • The posture is suitable for trying anal sex. If you both are alright with having anal sex, you can try it using all the precautions.
  • When you are not flexible or comfortable lying on your back for a long time, you can use a pillow. Doing that ensures your shoulders take more of your body weight. Lying down on the stomach may not be convenient for some women due to physical issues. If that is the case, then you can also lie down using the fetal position.

Some alternate sex positions

Here are some alternate sex positions that you can try when performing the flatiron posture.


It is quite similar to the flatiron sex position, but your legs are closed in this posture. This position gives your partner more stimulation as he feels your fabulous butt nicely during penetration.


Your man is kneeling between your legs. Though it can be slightly demanding for your partner, this posture is very intense.


The posture is very intimate as both of you clasped together when performing the act. Your partner is lying sideways behind you. There is a lot of body contact each time he is thrusting inside of you. Besides, you can move your body once in a while to give deep penetration to your man.

You can expand your sexual reserve using similar sex positions on your side or on your stomach from the list. Perhaps, you can have a chat with your partner and find out what are his favorite postures or the view that he likes to see in front of him.

flatiron sex position; FAQ

Can I make a direct switch to the flatiron from the missionary sex position?

We assume that you want to switch to the flatiron from the missionary without removing your penis from your partner's vagina. While many couples have done that, we may not suggest it to partners doing it for the first time.

Once you get used to the flatiron and are comfortable with it, you can perhaps try making the switch from the missionary. You may want to do it slowly and gently, not with a swift motion, as it may cause injuries to your penis or harm to your partner as well.

Is the flatiron sex position stimulating as it sounds?

Many couples have claimed that the sex position has infused life into their mundane sex life. From a certain point of time, regular sex postures like missionary, woman on top, spooning, and doggy style get boring and even annoying.

There is nothing much to look forward to it. However, the flatiron sex position adds spice to your sexual encounter. You feel happy, satisfied, and liberated to a certain extend. Don't you think the only way to find out would be to try it out tonight?

Where did the flatiron sex position originate?

We have no idea from where or how the flatiron position originated. But the good thing is that we know how to do it with our partners. We have told you what we know about having intense pleasure doing it with your partner.

We also like the fact that it comes with several variations. This sex position is ideal for those who want the doggy style. If you or your partner like the doggy style, we see no reason you won't enjoy this exciting sex position.

I'm 3 months pregnant. Can I have sex with my partner using the flatiron?

This is a common question we face in most of sex positions. Our answer will be the same for that because there are too many things to have in mind. Your body, your health, your newborn baby inside of you, and so on.

Medically speaking, a pregnant woman may engage in sexual intercourse during her second trimester (4-6 months). You may not want to indulge in sexual activities barring oral sex during your first and third trimesters.

Summing up

The flatiron sex position is not only meant as a time pass for those of you who are fed up or bored of the common postures. Though it is derived from the doggy style, this makes an excellent position for maximum pleasure for both partners.

We must be grateful for those who came up with this fantastic derivative, as it gives you a lot of variations that are not possible in most postures. The posture also comes with plenty of sexual benefits too, besides intimacy.

If possible, when you perform the missionary sex posture and want to try this position, you can switch effortlessly. While you were experiencing a walk in the clouds, next, before you know, you are having nirvana!

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