How to Breastfeed A Man – A Complete Guide on Adult Breastfeeding

When you want to explore more sex techniques with your partner and your sexuality, you can try some activities to enhance the bond. One of them is breastfeeding a man. These activities are also called adult nursing relationships (ANR) or Adult Breastfeeding Relationships (ABR)

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1. How To Breastfeed A Man
2. How To Start Breastfeeding A Man
3. Breast Play and Breast Feeding Are Not The Same
4. Reasons And Benefits Of Adult Breastfeeding For Man
5. Reasons And Benefits Of Adult Breastfeeding For WoMan
6. Precautions To Take When Breastfeeding A Man
7. FAQ
8. Conclusion
Content of How To Breastfeed a Man

Though many partners do not consider it in the beginning, later on, they find it quite exhilarating. In today’s complete guide on adult breastfeeding, we will learn everything there is to know. Breastfeed a man is similar to breastfeeding your baby.

As a new mother, you may be tempted to breastfeed your partner. It may be the other way around too. This guide will help you understand its science, how to do it, and its reasons and benefits.

Yes, we have also given some precautions when doing it as well. Many women and men tend to enjoy this sex activity once they begin doing it, though they were apprehensive about doing it in the first place.

How To Breastfeed A Man – A Fantasy That You Never Thought About

We understand that you are here because you fantasized about breastfeeding your man, or he told you about it. You are thinking, is this normal. Do couples really do it? How does a woman breastfeed a man?

We don’t have the exact answer for you. It is normal to have fantasies. Sometimes there is no rational explanation for sexual fantasies between a man and woman. As long as everything is done within the boundaries, there is nothing to worry about.

Perhaps, you saw a woman breastfeed a man in a porn movie. Maybe you heard about it from your friend or colleague who did it with their partner. The idea is now deeply rooted inside your head, and you are not the first to think about either.

How To Start Breastfeeding A Man?

The first thing to know is patience. Just like trying a new sex position, you may want to be patient with your partner if this is your idea. If it is his idea, you may ask him to help you relax and begin the act.

When this is your idea, you can slowly encourage him to fondle your breast and gently suck it. Tell your partner how much you like and enjoy him doing it. This way, he may eventually suck your breast gently and drink the milk coming out from it.

Talk Dirty To Him And Arouse Your Partner.

If he is still hesitant, then you can kiss him and talk dirty. Dirty talk always does the trick. Usually, men like to be on the upper hand. When you begin to do it, your partner gets turned on, sucking your nipples.

You can just about tell him anything. Talk about your fantasies about having sexual intercourse with him. How much you like him fondling your breast? Maybe you can gently caress his body and hair.

You Can Watch Some Porn Or Guide Him To Your Nipples.

You can watch some porn to get aroused. Maybe once he sees the action on the screen, his manhood may get awakened, and your partner will get the hint. You can also use your hands to guide him to your nipples.

He will understand your idea and play along. It is all about you both expressing your thoughts and desires to each other and begin the act. When nothing works, you can just be upfront to him about it.

The Placement Of His Mouth Is The Key To Breastfeeding

Your partner needs to place his mouth properly at your nipples. The only thing that you need to choose is which breast he needs to do the act. That is entirely up to the woman to take the lead in this foreplay.

Some women complain that they found the act quite painful and that they did not enjoy it. If that is the case, then guide your partner on which breast you want him to suck the milk from. This way, the act becomes enjoyable for you both.

Breast Play And Adult Breastfeeding Are Not The Same

As a woman, you feel that breast play and adult breastfeeding at the same. Well, they are not. Breastfeeding involves your partner sucking on them and drinking the milk. Breast play is just massaging your breast, which includes sucking them too.

To actually enjoy breastfeeding your man, you may want to have a schedule with him. This makes you both prepared. You can perhaps feed your baby, and when you are ready, begin the act.

Another thing to note is that breastfeeding doesn’t necessarily have to lead to sexual intercourse. It can get you both aroused. But many couples enjoy the breastfeeding act so much that they forget about the sex.

Can You Breastfeed A Man When The Milk Does Not Come Out?

Young mothers tend to continue feeding their partners once they are done with their babies. This helps in the continuation of the milk. However, when you decide to put the baby to sleep and then feed your partner, it can become a problem if milk does not come out.

If your partner is alright to suck your breast when the milk doesn’t come out, then it is absolutely fine. This is alright in your adult nursing relationship. Both of you can still enjoy the act as much as you can.

Reasons And Benefits Of Adult Breastfeed For A Man

Men, at times, like to take things to a certain level. Though they are not very keen on breastfeeding their partner, they are excited thinking about the breastmilk. Perhaps, they saw you feed the baby and are keen on trying it for themself.

Below are some reasons why he wants to be part of the act.

1. Breastfeeding Helps Man To Fulfill A Sexual Desire

As a teenager, he must have had these fantasies or merely wants to meet a long-filled desire. You may want to know that adult breastfeeding sites do exist for newcomers. You can take part in it if you are comfortable educating others on the sexual act.

2. He Feels Included In The Act:

As a mother, it is your duty to breastfeed your baby. However, when your partner wants to breastfeed, then you may want to give in as he feels included. You can stop the moment you feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

3. He Wants To Taste Breastmilk:

Some men just want to take breastmilk. While some men begin to like it, some men may not share the same thought. But your breast is always a turn-on for your partner. Do encourage him to fondle them in your next sexual encounter.

4. Breastmilk Is Relatively Healthy:

Breastmilk is quite healthy and used across the world for several medicinal purposes. That is right. Though it is a necessity for young babies, even adults can consume small amounts.

Reasons And Benefits Of Adult Breastfeeding For A Woman

If you have been fantasizing about your partner sucking your breast, then you are not alone. This is a normal thought that can occur to the best of us. While some of you might be curious about how it feels like, some of you might actually want to breastfeed a man.

Whether you belong to the former or latter category does not matter. You have decided to breastfeed your man, and you might as well communicate that to him. Don’t be surprised if he told you that he thought about doing it with you the next time you made love.

Below are some of the most common reasons why some women love to breastfeed a man.

1. They Like To Even Out The Breasts:

When your baby tends to feed on one breast, the other breast is left as it is. In this sense, it does not lactate much unless sucked at. You can take the help of your partner to suck on your breast gently.

Besides, any woman who has a motherly feeling for their baby has the same for their partner. Women tend to enjoy when their man sucks on their breast contently. They don’t want the other side to get smaller in size or uneven in shape.

2. To Enhance The Milk Supply In The Breast:

They do it to enhance the milk supply in the breast. Sucking breasts increases the flow of milk. It triggers more milk inside. When your partner fiddles it, the supply increases, making it plentiful for your partner and baby.

3. It Helps To Get Rid Of The Milk:

At times, you may notice milk leaking or come out of the breast for no reason. This is a common occurrence for lactating mothers. You may be simply sitting at home or doing your work at the office when suddenly you notice milk pouring out.

So, avoid such embarrassing scenarios; you may want to have your partner suck your breast and drink up the additional supply of milk. It is liberating and sexually satisfying for him. Medically speaking, it helps to avoid milk ducts happening.  

4. Your Man Obliges And Offers His Immense Support:

When breastfeeding your baby, your partner obliges. He does not mind holding your baby gently near your breasts to enable the infant to suck peacefully.

Your partner wants to feel included in the milk feeding process, we suppose. This increases his love for you and your infant. Your desire to breastfeed your partner has already reaped the rewards.

5. To Increase Sexual Arousal:

Some women like their partners to fondle their breasts. Doing that makes them aroused. Besides, it heightens the sexual desires in them. It brings about an unexplained satisfaction in them.

6. It Increases The Intimacy Between You Two:

You will be surprised to know that breastfeeding increases the intimacy levels between you two. When you breastfeed a man, you are giving something from your body that is a remarkable thing.

Precautions To Take When Breastfeeding A Man

While we encourage you to breastfeed your partner and provide him with much-needed love and warmth, there is a time where you may want to reconsider your decision in doing it. Medically speaking, it is not a problem or cause of worry.

However, there are few situations when you may not want to indulge in this activity as a woman. We have listed them below.

  • You Are Extremely Uncomfortable About It.

You should never feel like you are being forced to do something you do not want to do. Talk to your partner about your feelings and seek help from a healthcare professional if necessary. That also includes pain in your nipples.

For many women pressing the breast can cause intense pain that can last for several hours. It can be very annoying and frustrating for them. At times, it can make you lose your sense or cause internal injuries if it is poorly done.

While it is another thing if a baby does it, it can be extremely painful when done by an adult.

  • When Your Breast Is Producing More Milk.

As a lactating mother, you may notice that your breast is producing a surplus of milk. These things happen. During these testing times, breastfeeding your partner might become nothing short of a stressful experience.

Because you may end up producing more milk, it can become an annoyance for you when you have to feed your baby and your partner. There is nothing wrong with communicating that with your partner. It can cause skin rashes also that can develop into an infection.

  • When You Are A Few Months Pregnant.

As a pregnant woman, you may not want to indulge in sexual intercourse or activities. That is because it can cause a miscarriage. As your doctor would have warned you, having sex during the first 3 months and the last 3 months can be a poor decision for you and your baby.

At the same time, if you have had a miscarriage before, then please stay safe. There is always plenty of time once your baby is delivered for breastfeeding your partner. You might want to tell your man to be patient. You can try out oral sex if you wish.


  1. Can I have sexual intercourse with my man and breastfeed him?

Yes, we see no reason why you can’t do that. You can have sexual intercourse with your partner and breast him as well. It depends on your sex position too. Perhaps a missionary or woman on top would be ideal for your partner to play around with your nipples.

We feel the woman on top sex position would be best for this scenario. At the same time, you can have a doggy sex style if you want to. However, your partner may not be able to suck your breasts. He can feel or caress them from behind.

  • How do I communicate to my partner that he is biting my nipples too hard?

This is a common complaint that we often see from many women. Men usually don’t seem to realize the power of their bite. Even a gentle bite might be painful for women. In this case, you may want to gently guide him on how to bite or fondle with your breast.

Instead of biting, your partner can suck on your breasts. While it is alright to get excited in the heat of the action, your lover may want to go gentle. This way, you don’t get hurt because of his intense bite.

  • Is it alright for my partner to drink my breast milk?

Your partner, husband, and lover can drink your breast milk as long as they do not have any virus infection. You see, virus infections can pass on quickly. Your partner can take his time and suck your breast as long as he wants.

Of course, you should be enjoying the act. You can make him gently stop when you are feeling uncomfortable in doing so. When you are a lactating mother, it is best to breastfeed your child and partner.

  • I’m few months pregnant, and I want to breastfeed my partner?

We would not recommend that. As we have mentioned in the above post, nipple stimulation can cause premature contractions that can harm you and your unborn baby. Perhaps you may not have spoken about this with your doctor.

If then, please get their advice. Besides stimulating the breast, your inner juices are awakened, and it may not be the right time for sexual intercourse or breastfeeding either.

In Conclusion

We have ended our discussion on how to breastfeed a man. We hope you have enjoyed the post and will try it out sometime this week with your partner. You can find several dating sites present that is dedicated to adult nursing breastfeeding.

Adult nursing relationships are not for everybody. It is alright only to breastfeed your child and nobody else. Some of you may not be comfortable with the idea of breastfeeding a man for personal or religious reasons too.

That is fine and acceptable. However, breastfeeding a man comes with several benefits that we have discussed in the above post. Besides increasing the bond between you and your partner, it offers an intense bonding experience.

Breastfeeding a man is not wrong or perverted in anyways. When you want to have a close relationship with your partner, then you can tell them. It is alright if your man wants to try the same with you; encourage him if you are okay and comfortable with it.

Good day!

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