How To Face Sit – 9 Steps To Most Empowering Way to Have Sex

how to face sit
How to Face Sit a Man

If you like having oral sex, then your default position is usually lying down on your back. You let your partner take the initiative while you enjoy the act and eventually cum on his face. While this position is comfortable and easygoing for most women, you will be delighted to know that another similar sex position is gaining immense popularity.

We are talking about the face sitting position. That is right. Using this posture, you are gaining control of your partner. Besides, you can guide him in pleasuring you using the right oral moves. He needs to excite your clitoris and external vulva.

Straddling your partner in this form does not have to be intimidating. If you are not sure about this oral sex position, you do not have to worry because we have got you covered. Here is how you can do it without having to come out of your comfort zone altogether.

Why is Facesitting Gaining Popularity Among Many Couples?

This fact may come as a surprise to you, knowing that many men tend to fantasize about women’s faces sitting them. That is correct. Maybe they got the idea from watching porn or perhaps heard it from their friends or colleagues.

Why Man Love Facesitting

  1. It probably excites them to try out this new position.
  2. The view of the woman is quite exhilarating from down beneath.
  3. They like to drink the cum that comes out of their partner.

You may want to know that sitting on your partner’s face can be exciting and fun for you. It might seem challenging initially, but you are in for an adventurous ride ahead once you get the technicalities right.

Won’t You Risk Squishing Him?

Probably, many women avoid this oral sex position because they worry that they might suffocate him by mistake. While that may happen, you can always sit up or move away. As long as you are not on the heavier side, there is no way you are going to cause discomfort to him.

You may want to talk to each other before trying the position, and your man can perhaps tap your thighs if he is feeling uncomfortable at any point. These things happen in several sex positions.

It is normal. You can again begin doing it if you haven’t cummed yet. After all, what is the point in doing it if you haven’t orgasmed? You would be surprised to know that some men prefer to be squished for some time.

What To Do If Your Man Disagrees?

It depends on how you bring up the topic to him. Men like to listen to things that make them happy and satisfied. As long as they do not have to be doing much, they are very much ready for the act.

Most of us like it that way, don’t we?

  • When your partner likes to give you oral sex, you may suggest this change in position. He will not mind because he wants to pleasure you.
  • If he is alright with you sitting on his face, then what are you waiting for? Simply push him and begin the act.
  • Some men might be worried about personal hygiene. You can assure him that oral sex is sex. Do make sure that you have washed your vagina properly before indulging in it.

Talking about sexual intercourse with adults does not have to be very complicated. It is not rocket science, after all. You need to remove your clothes and get started on the positions you prefer.

How to Face Sit Without Feeling Embarrassed or Uncomfortable?

Since you both have agreed to try this oral sex position and are familiar with how it works, you may want to get down and begin your ride. How do you start or where do you start doing it?

Steps to Follow While Facesitting

  1. You can start by making your partner lie down.
  2. You can get on top of him and remove your clothes gently.
  3. Perhaps, that might excite him, but before you actually have sexual intercourse, you need to face sit on him.
  4. You begin by riding on his chest by kneeling down.
  5. Then you can move forward slowly with your thighs on both sides of his head.
  6. If you cannot balance, you can take support of the bed frame in front of you. Maybe you can ask him to place his hands on both sides of your butt.
  7. Ask him if he is ready for the action and lower your body down on his face.
  8. Remember not to put your entire body weight on him.

As he begins licking and sucking your vagina, you can ride him gently. As you can see, this is a win-win for everybody.

Some Alternative Face Sitting Postures

Did you try it? Perhaps, you are not very sure about doing it. Maybe your partner has some reservations about it. No worries. We have got plenty of action for you in the form of some alternative oral sex positions that you can try with him.

The Traditional Sit on Your Partner’s Face.


It is called the traditional face sit position because you are seated on your partners’ faces. You are on your knees and seated on him. You can cradle his face gently using your body, or he can vigorously move his head around.


You can hold the bedpost for added support. This position is the best posture for you to orgasm intensely. Most women tend to prefer this oral sex position as they can cum nicely. In many cases, the man does not mind licking the juices.


Only the person on the top has control. The man beneath will have to only go with the flow of it.

Squatting On Your Partner’s Face.


Squatting can be a tedious form of exercise to do, leave alone during sex. But try to get your position straight with the help of your man. Many men tend to find this position quite comfortable because they do not entirely support your body.


It is suitable for both the woman and the man because they solely give each other pleasure. The woman is not putting her entire body weight on her man’s face. Besides, your partner can move to your anus if you both like it.


Women find squatting quite difficult. It entirely depends on you to make this position work. Seem women like this position because they can give a hand job to their partner. But they want all the attention on them.

Sitting On Your Partner’s Chest and Rocking Gently.


This position is suitable for first-timers. When you are not sure about getting the face sitting position right, then you can bend your knees on your partner’s chest and rock back. You can arch your arms around the bed for adequate balance.


Your partner can hold your butt using his hands. This posture gives you intense control. Besides, you both enjoy the slow-motion moving back and forth. This position gives you both the much-required confidence to begin the face-sitting sex position.  


If you are slightly overweight, then this position can be challenging in the beginning. There is no need to become frustrated or upset. You can keep trying it out. With the help and support of your partner, you both will eventually learn to enjoy it.

The Standing Up Position With Your Partner. ‍


The standing up position is probably the best for all individuals. It is quite simple to do. Your partner can be rest at the edge of the bed, and you will be standing, offering your vagina near his face.

Your partner can switch to his fingers if he wants to give rest to his mouth. You can also make use of sex toys if you wish. You can also take the support of the bedpost and ride his face very gently.


The standing up position is not only meant for flexible individuals. It can be done and tried by others too. That is because even if you are overweight, you are not putting any pressure on your partner’s face as you will be standing.


Some men might not find the frontal view attractive. Besides, they might not be able to lick or focus entirely on your vagina as you are standing. But you can try out different variations to it.

Limitations Of the FaceSitting Oral Sex Position

Below are some limitations are given when doing the face sitting position.

  1. If you are overweight, then you may want to try it a few times with your man. However, if he is not comfortable under you, then you may want to try out the alternative positions.
  2. When you have vaginal infections, you may want to avoid this position until your doctor tells you.
  3. If you both are not comfortable trying out the face sitting position, then you can try the alternatives. It is alright not to feel comfortable and uneasy.
  4. Some of you might prefer kneeling on his face. While it is a good idea, it can cause plenty of stress on your knees.
  5. You can also kneel on his head while he can rest his arms around your calves. This posture can make him uncomfortable in a short while.
  6. You can try to do it the other way round, and you can fiddle around with his penis. But do remember that some men will get too excited and ask you to ride his penis. That means you can forget your oral sex facesitting. But that is not what we wanted, did we.

Is It Alright If You Cum On His Face?

Some men don’t mind having the cum of his woman on his face. While some men might not be comfortable with the idea. If your partner is okay with it, then you can go all the way.

When your partner doesn’t mind licking or eating your vagina but has reservations about orgasming, then you may want to move away when you are beginning to orgasm. If you feel that your man is not concentrating on your clitoris, you can get a small vibrator.

Your man can perhaps place few fingers inside. You can watch some porn to get some ideas on how to pleasure a woman with oral sex. It might help. However, it is not necessary for you to need to have an orgasm.

Tips On How To Ride Someone’s Face

Below are few tips that can help you get started on how to face sit. Perhaps, you can consider using them to derive more pleasure from this fantastic position. Maybe you both want to add some fantasy element to the oral sex position.

  1. It is all about taking the initiative. As a woman, there is nothing more empowering and satisfying than taking the bull by the horn (if we may put it that way). It gives you immense confidence in your sexual powers.
  2. You can try a blindfold or restraints. You never know if it can work. But adding some secret element once in a while helps stimulate the sexual session. The idea is to enjoy the session and also have fun thoroughly.
  3. You can get in some scented candles around your bed. Of course, you will need to be careful about their placements. Maybe a handful of candles should do.

Got something else in mind? Then you are welcome to try it out with your man tonight. However, you have to focus on face sitting correctly so that you both enjoy the act first. You may realize that you have been missing out on something enjoyable for quite a while.


  1. I’m slightly overweight and want to face it. Can I do it with my partner?

Whether you are slightly overweight or on the plump side, no worries. You can always make use of the alternative sex positions that we have mentioned in the above post. You can try the standing position.

It is quite convenient for both you and your partner. You can stand with the support of the bedpost, while your partner can comfortably lick your vaginal area without getting squeezed. As you can see, it is a win-win situation for both of you.

  • I’m not comfortable squatting on my man’s face. Is their any other way I can, do it?

Yes, we understand. Squatting can be a painful process. When you have to be in the same posture for few minutes, your legs begin to ache. When that is the case, then you consider sitting on his face completely, if he is okay with it.

Otherwise, you can try some of the alternative positions that we have mentioned. We can assure you that there is something in it for you both to try out tonight.

  • I’m 5 months pregnant. My partner wants me to squat on his face.

This is the same advice we are going to give all pregnant women out there. Whether you have the urge or desire for any sex position, please get the doctor’s go-ahead. In this case, we would not recommend you doing it because it is not safe.

You can sit on his chest and rock him very gently provided you are feeling okay and comfortable. The moment you feel uneasy or have any discomfort, then please stop doing it immediately.

  • In the face sitting oral sex position, is it safe for my partner to lick my anus?

Most of the time, your partner will end up licking the entire area. After all, what is the fun of missing out on your anus? However, you may want to ensure that your vagina and anus are clean.

Perhaps, you can consider using some kind of disinfectant in that area. There are many cleaning liquids that you can find online. Before indulging in the act, you can clean up the area and then get down on your partner’s face.

It is good to be hygienic considering your man is going to use his mouth to lick your vagina.

  • What are the other ways I can use to make face sitting more interesting?

We have given a few pointers in the post like trying out new positions or modifying your postures. For example, in the standing oral sex position, some women have claimed to have got intense orgasms that they almost feel down on their knees.

You can consider using scented candles, incense sticks, perfumes to arouse you, sexy music in the background, and watch porn. These can vary from couple to couple. What may work for somebody does not necessarily have to work for you.  

Summing up

We hope that the post on how to face sit gave you that much-needed confidence and ideas to try it out tonight. We have also provided you some variations to the position for you to do. Facesitting, your man, is the ideal way to enhance your sex life.

Just like when you try something new, it is alright to feel uneasy, low in confidence, or even afraid. You never know whether you might go the distance. It is the same feeling that several couples had before indulging in this oral sex position.

We can assure you that once you got for it, there is no looking back. Admit it, you were getting bored of the missionary or woman on top sex position for quite some time now, and we’re looking for a massive change. Here is your chance.

We would love to hear about your experience. Would you please let us know if you have any clarifications on this oral sex position? We are all ears and would love to help you guys out.

Here is a video to help you get easy with facesitting

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