Proven Ideas On How To Get Your Boyfriend To Spank You

It is quite a known fact that women loved getting spanked by their boyfriends and partners. Getting spanked is probably a long-secret desire for most women. Sadly, you are so worried and concerned about how your boyfriend or partner may react that you completely put off the idea.

Probably this is the main reason why many women don’t bother to ask their boyfriends or husband about spanking them. If the question of how to get your boyfriend to spank you is revolving in your mind, you have to come to the right place.

In this post, we have brought forth some proven ideas that can enable you to gain confidence and ask your partner to do so. Besides, we will be taking look at few steps that can help you both enjoy the moment of arousal.

Did you know that it is probably the only posture where your partner is not humping you with his penis? Instead, he is using his hands here to spank you on your bare butt. While spanking can be fun for both of you, it is still hitting somebody.

Let us read how to do playfully and in a sexually.

Ways how to get your boyfriend to spank you

The moment you think of spanking, your mind may come across Anastasia Steele getting her butt spanked by Christian Grey in the movie, 50 shades of grey. Well, there is nothing to get grey, black or white here because you can make it in your own version.

Perhaps, leave a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey on your boyfriend’s table or closet? We never know whether he may even go through the first page. No worries if he is not bothered there, because we have to make him bothered with your butt getting spanked.

Here is how you can get it done.

First, you need to know how to get the message across to him gently.

Have a chat with him about it

You may want to talk to him directly. It could be when you both of are lying down in bed or having your dinner. Just tell him directly on his face that you have this desire to get spanked by him.

While some men might reply in negative, there is nothing to get worked up for because they worry about your health and the hurt, they might cause you. Perhaps, when you are having sexual intercourse, you can gently tell him to spank you on your butt, the next time you are about to make love.

You can wear something revealing

By revealing, we meant something that conveys the message across to him. Did you know that there are some panties available in the market that come with the words, it is not going to spank by itself or spank me?

Your partner will instantly get the message. The best way to succeed would be during sex; you can gently tap him on his butt and tell him to do the same with you. Don’t forget to get rid of the panties before the action begins.

You can guide him how to control you

Some women like to be dominated by men. If you are one of them, then do not hesitate to tell your boyfriend about it. When your partner is spanking you, do not hesitate to make aroused faces, indicating that you are enjoying the act.

While it is alright to feel some feeling in the spanking, you may want to let go of yourself for some time. Show your man what he gets when spanking you. Don’t be surprised if he shows up early after work the next day.

Tell him something dirty when making love

As you are having sex with each other, you can talk dirty to him. Ask him, have you been a good or bad girl. If he replies that you have been a bad girl, then ask him to punish you in the form of spanking.

There is nothing more erotic for a man than a woman holding his hands and indicating her true intentions. If you have other ideas about getting spanked, then please reveal them to your man. Being open about these issues will help you both have an active and enjoyable sex life.

How to get pleasure from spanking?

Spanking does not have to an enjoyable activity for all. Since we have decided to take up this subject, we might also find out what it is all about. When you want to enjoy getting spanked, then you must ensure that you are correctly positioned.

This helps you not only to enjoy the shots from your partner but to feel good about it. We think that the bed would be the ideal place to start if this is your first time. It is alright to wear your or be only in your bra and panties.

You will then have to lie down on his knees in a bent position gently. Perhaps, you can have a pillow under your stomach for setting up the position. Some women also like to get down on all fours.

You can get down on all fours if you are okay with that. You want to your butt to get spanked. Tell your partner to spank the meaty part of your butt that meets your thigh. If he wants, he can also gently caress the area after spanking it a few times.

Men generally like to caress the butt gently, making you aroused.

What is suitable to use when spanking?

Your partner or boyfriend can use many items or tools that he likes to spank you with. It would be best, to begin with, his hands. Once he gets used to his intensity and the force, you guys can move to the tools.

It all lies on the touch of the skin. Couples usually start with a gentle massage that then turns into a slow tickle, promoted to the spanking.
  • Hands are obviously the best tool to begin your spanking session. If you are alright with it, then you can be butt naked in front of him, and he can spank you. When spanking you, he can either shape his hands like a cup or flatten them out completely.
  • A whip is the most obvious choice to spank anybody. They come in various sizes and colors. You can choose one that satisfies your cravings. Once you have got it, your partner can practice with it a few times before actually trying it out on you.
  • Paddles come made out of wood, leather, silicone, and even metal. The material has its own power on the human body. Your partner can use the wooden paddle as it is safer than the others. Of course, if you are comfortable with even the metal paddle, then go for it.
  • A cane is similar to a whip, but you can feel the intense pain that comes with it. The cane shots can leave marks on your skin. You may want to tell your partner to spank you gently using a cane.

Here is a bonus tip. You can wear the Ben Wa balls or something inside your vagina to give you more pleasure. That is because when your partner spanks you, the balls move inside your vagina, giving you a tinkling session.

Set up some rules for your partner

You both must know where and when to stop. At times, things might get too much for you or your partner to handle. You may not know how to react or even stop, for that matter. Since you guys are doing something above having sex, you may want to set up the perimeter.

This way, either through actions or words, you both can communicate how much is enough. We do not want to make you afraid of anything. We want you guys to have ample fun and excitement with some rules in tow.

It is just like driving your vehicle on the highway. You may want to follow the rules to ensure that you do it safely; it is the same here.

How to enhance the session?

Here is how you or your partner can get things going smoothly without a break.

  • Before you begin, you may want to ensure that your partner removes his rings or other ornaments from the hands. Anything on the wrist can be removed too. This ensures that nothing gets in the way from you enjoying getting spanked by him.
  • Besides, some rings might have sharp edges, and they can cause minor injuries to your butt. We do not want your prime area getting hurt or injured. Now coming to the position. You may wish to your partner to sit down on a sofa or the bed.
  • Instead of telling your partner to “stop” or “it hurts,” you can say something like “make love to me.” It does not make him stop, but you want to take it to the next level without dampening the move or excitement. Several couples have done that. The partner spanks the woman, and then when she has had enough, they make love.

How to do it gently?

You may not want your partner to stop in some cases but want him to hit or spank you gently. In this case, you can make some sexy faces or use code language. The whole idea here is to show him that you are enjoying it. It is alright to say stop when you are really hurting badly.

If it is your first time, please make sure that you begin gently and push things further. Your partner can spank your butt gently. Perhaps, you can wear your clothes on and try them out a few times.

When you are comfortable with it, you can gently remove your clothes and lie bare butt in him. Getting spanked by your partner is one of those sex activities where you are deriving pleasure from pain.

At times, the initial spanking may cause some pain, but you will actually begin to like it as you get used to it. We suggest that you start slowly, and then your partner can increase the frequency and the force of the shots on your nude butt.

Of course, please do excise caution because you are going to be the one to feel the force of his spanking.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Spank You; FAQ

Why are so many people into spanking?

Spanking does not have to relate to pain and suffering. Though it is a form of punishment, it does mildly out of love. Both the parties have agreed upon it with terms and conditions. The moment you feel pain or discomfort, your partner immediately stops spanking.

According to a sexologist, spanking gives you an intense feeling of arousal and power. As you get spanked on your butt, you feel your inner emotions and arousal come out. However, it must be done in a controlled and mild manner.

Does spanking always have to be sexual in nature?

Spanking between two partners or more is a controlled and consensual form of having a sex act. There can be sexual intercourse after performing it or may not. This fact entirely lies between the partners.

Of course, you both can either be clothed or in the nude when getting spanked. It depends on whether you are getting high from spanking. Perhaps, you can go down on your partner after spanking and get to work on his penis and have sex.

Is spanking a form of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism)?

Spanking is a form of BDSM as it involves some force. Your partner also gets to use some tools of your liking. We encourage the use of your partner’s hands than objects. The connection between you both remains.

While some men may get too carried to bring out their Draculean monsters, most men don’t. Most partners or husbands are generally caring and do it in a very mild form. Spanking does not have to be a male dominant act because the woman can vent out her feelings and lust.

Do I have to join a club or community to learn more about spanking?

No, it is not necessary to join a club or a community to learn more about spanking. You can perform spanking with your partner or husband at home. There are tons of online guides and tutorials available for you.

To spice up the act, you may consider booking a hotel or spa and trying it among yourself. It is always nice to have a different surrounding and environment. This livens up the act intensely for both of you.

Do I have to get spanked only on the bed?

As we said above, the surroundings or environment can be changed by getting yourself a hotel room or booking a place near the beach. With the strong winds blowing around, you can think of sitting down on a sofa, bed, or even on the sand and get started.

Spanking is one of those acts that can be done wearing your clothes.


We hope you enjoyed reading the post on how to get your boyfriend to spank you. You may have gotten some ideas by now. We encourage you to let your sexual creativity run wild. Perhaps, you can read some books on husband spank me.

Maybe that would give you and your partner some ideas and acts on how to get it right. Please do note that your butt may take all the hits and become red. So, you may want to have some balm or soothing cream ready at hand.

If you felt good after the spanking session with your husband, there is no reason why you should not consider doing it. Your pain in the butt will instantly vanish once you have finished doing it.

Now that you have gotten all your answers, we leave you to have some excitement.

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