How To Give Him The Best Sex Ever; Tips By Sexologists

So, your sex life is dwindling with each passing day. Probably, you have had a newborn baby recently and barely have time for each other. Maybe it is the work pressure getting the better of you both or simply the fact that you both have no time.

When that is the case, you may want to pause what you are doing for some time and find out how to get that hot sex back. When you want to get started up, then we can help you fire up with mind-blowing tips for ultimate sex.

how to give him the best sex ever Mind-Blowing Tips For Ultimate Sex

Throw the regular book out of the window

That is correct. You may be wondering I’m too old or heavy for this sex position or something out of the box. You are never too old for everything. Ok, so you have put on baby weight, or your man is getting a little obese.

Beat the calories by increasing your sex appetite. Here is some data on American women that can cheer you up:

  • More than 25% have done bondage (we told you so).
  • More than 30% have done it with a blindfold (time to watch 50 shades of grey movie, we suppose).
  • 40% have done anal (it can get painful the first few times, but the sheer pleasure and intense orgasm are out of the world).

Other interesting facts about American women you didn’t know

  • 76% masturbate weekly thrice or more (there is nothing wrong in doing that).
  • 50% have used vibrators themselves or get it done by their partners (it is worth trying).
  • 30% have watched porn every week (you are adults now, c’mon).
  • 80% have clitoral stimulation.
  • 20% have had oral sex done on them by their partners (the first rule of the book, get satisfied or satisfy your partner orally).

We are not shocked at all. We recommend that you get to call the shots between you and your partner. It is highly suggested that you guys try what you are comfortable with. You want to watch some porn and use vibrators on yourself, go ahead, girl.

Significance of riding your man sublimely

The source of all satisfaction comes when you ride your man or partner properly. As a woman, you may want to master the art of riding him well. Doing that not only gives him a good orgasm but enables you to cum better.

Many couples have said that they have sex for the sake of doing it. But they do not bother to ask each other if they enjoyed or were satisfied with the performance. But we feel that you must talk to your man and hear the truth out.

It is also good to do it the other way. This communication helps you both to perform better the next time.

Take caution when sitting on his erect penis

We are not going to tell you the technicalities. You would know it by now. We are trying to make here that when you sit on his erect penis, make sure to slide down slowly and gently.

You would be surprised to know that many women don’t give heed to how fragile the erect penis can be and cause accidents. Make sure to position yourself such that you are inserting his penis correctly inside of you.

Once you are sure about that, you may want to get started. You can begin slowly, riding him up and down. Then you can increase the pace. A bonus tip, notice how his penis is shaped.

Cum first, then make your man cum second

Your man or partner would not mind you getting on top of him and humping him to glory. However, when you want to have intense sex, where both of you cum nicely, you might get it done on yourself first.

Perhaps, you can do it yourself with the help of a sex toy or vibrator. You can also have your partner make you cum through oral sex. When you are done cumming, you can think of how to make your man orgasm intensely.

Think of some dirty moves. After all, porn watching with friends might come in handy for you today. Don’t hesitate to bring out the wild side in you.

It is all about pushing yourself to the boundary limits.

Think of some creativity when riding your partner

There is no fun when you are riding your man, or he is on top of you. There has to be passion and some kind of communication going on between you two. You need to keep pushing each other.

This is like an F1 race, where competitors push each other to find out who is the best. While some couples prefer having mild and gentle sex, there is always room for some passion. You can lick his face, caress his hair or back.

Make those faces, talk dirty to him, make him hold your butt of yours tightly. You never know when or how it is going to end. That is not the important thing. The important thing is both of you enjoyed the act together.

You both are entitled to having good sex

Now, good sex is something that all couples are entitled to. As a woman, maybe you are worried about your imperfections, like a mole or pimple here and there in your body. For some of you, it might be your slightly obese belly.

Well, you are growing old, and that is showing on your body. It is a good sign of motherhood. If you notice men, they don’t worry about their weight or dad bob.

So, you can stop worrying about those mild imperfections and get riding your man like you want to and have good sex.

Maintain the chemistry between you both when having sex

When having sexual intercourse, you both must learn to maintain the chemistry between each other. You can begin by talking to him semi-nude. Then you can slowly undress him and make your partner undress you.

Then begin slowly making eye contact and rubbing each other all over the body. You can kiss him on the lips and cheeks. As you begin riding him or he is humping you, both may want to move slowly and gently.

It is all about doing it in a rhythm. This way, you both don’t get tired of doing it.

Try new positions

You will be surprised to know that several couples have been doing the missionary and the woman on top sex position for years. Now, this can get immensely boring. With the internet in your hands, you really don’t want to live under a rock.

You can do it sideways, make use of the bedposts, try doing it standing, and everyone’s favorite, doggy style. The idea here would be to move around a bit. You can also make your partner move around you a bit.

Share each other’s work. If you notice that your man is becoming tired humping you, then gently push your butt on him. It can also be the opposite when you are riding on top of him.

Make sure that he is actually enjoying 

At times, both of you are maybe faking it to each other. You pretend to be pleased and satisfied, and the same can be said about your partner. So, keep it real. You can perhaps suggest your partner to give you oral sex, or you can give him oral in between sex.

Maybe you can shake vigorously when you are enjoying or cumming. It does not have to be something out of the blue. But keep it real. Your partner will find out if you are faking it. Ask him too.

When you like to mourn when having sex, then don’t hesitate to do it. Men love women screaming in ecstasy.

Stay confident each time

Anything can be achieved in life if you remain confident. Remain confident when having sexual intercourse with your lover. Look happy and cheerful. Maybe your partner has had a long or difficult day.

It is the best time to unwind at night. You know what to do. This will be the actual test for your love life. Men love to see a cheerful woman who is enjoying every bit and taking the initiative. Nothing sexier than a woman calling out her man for having sex.

Undress slowly, make his penis erect, and get down on him.

The size of his penis does not matter

The size of a partner’s penis does not matter actually when you know how to ride it properly. Irrespective of the size of his penis, you may want to adjust it inside your vagina and get riding. You do not want to be disappointed or frustrated if the length of his penis is too big or not.

Ideally, you must ensure that his penis does not keep slipping out of your vagina. It can be annoying, and your partner may lose an erection. You may have to begin all over again. When you feel that his penis is losing the erection, you may want to gently stroke it.

Grind the dick stupendously

Any woman who knows how to ride or grind the dick is a winner. No man or partner would want to leave you forever. You are a cherished woman for him. Grinding involves two processes; one is rubbing his penis and two's surface, squeezing it gently.

To succeed, you may want to do some exercises to tighten your vagina to ensure that it remains firm and stiff. As you squeeze, make sure to ring your man out. That means keep pounding hard and race on like a speeding horse.

When it comes to sex, men like to take for a ride. As you are fully inside, rub your clitoris on his area, and move up and down slowly.

Keep practicing, and don’t give up

When you want to ride your man to glory, you must be willing to practice it until you can perfect it. Don’t get upset or disappointed with yourself when you are not able to. It takes little practice and confidence to get the act together.

You can have a chat about it before you begin having sex. It could be the woman in the top position or the missionary. You never fail on something that you have never tried a few times. So, it may be several times to get the position, the rhythm, and the flow going.

It would be nice if your man can help you with each step during your progress. Once you perfect it, both of you are going to enjoy it tremendously.

Wear some kind of mild perfume or scented candles

Perfumes can enhance the spirit of the atmosphere. You can have a fun and exciting time with your man. Perhaps, your partner bought perfume for your anniversary or birthday. You can consider wearing that on the night of passion.

You can find a wide range of sexy perfumes that help set the right tone for an intense session. Using scented candles is another good idea. Usually, couples like to have them in the bathroom. You can place it on the sides of your bathtub or near your shower.

Use any kind of perfume, body spray, or scented candles you want, provided you both like the aroma and intensify the mood.

Use oils and give each other massages

You can think of using oils and massaging each other. Remember to use a waterproof cloth when doing so. Oils are not that expensive, and they are healthy for your body. This is an excellent way to begin your session too.

There is a barrage of oils that you can choose from. Some of them are herbal and organic. You would want to make sure that they are non-smelly and not sticky on the body. Perhaps, you can get some inspiration from Japanese massage.

Try having a bath with him in the shower

The bathroom never runs short of ideas. The tranquility and calmness of the room have a profound effect on your body & soul. Maybe when you were a lot younger, the thought of having a naked bath or sex with your partner or boyfriend might have struck you.

Well, today is a day to do just that. A bathtub would be romantic with scented candles around you. The standing option under the shower is also there. You can hold each other and caress each other.

Many couples like to have sex with each other in the bathroom. It is more relaxed, quiet, and a lot peaceful in there. Nobody usually disturbs you when you are in there.

Have some sexy music on for romance and passion

The power of music can be quite stimulating. You can find several instrumental songs and music that sound sexy and arousing. Maybe you can play them on to set the right environment for love and passion.

It gives both of you the right kind of mood to sway on each other. Besides, you can put on something that you both like. Perhaps, you can get CDs or using the internet itself. There are plenty of instrumentals that can easily help you guys set the rhythm.

The music stirs the soul when you or your man feel tired and still continues having sex.

You both need to work together when having sexual intercourse

It takes two to tango. When you are both are so into it, and one of you is tired after a long day at work. Then the other one should be able to compensate for it. The sex position does not matter because it could even be the woman on top.

Your man can push his hips gently and give you some time to catch your breath. It could be the reverse cowgirl, where you are on top of him. The idea is that both of you need to work towards the same goal.

When your partner is tired, then you need to be ready to captain the ship. Perhaps, you can switch positions to make it easier.

Try some exotic sex positions

Just the other day, my friend told me that she tried an exotic sex position with her partner on his birthday. He was really stunned and pleased. The attention that he showcased of her the next day itself highlighted that fact.

Probably, you can think of something like the pile driver sex position. This position requires you to lie down and bend your legs forward to your chest. Your man has to get into a squatting position and hump you.

This position is ideal for having anal sex too. If you are keen on having anal sex, then this posture may help you do just that. It is quite a challenging position. That is the fun in trying out something different, is it not?

Let him play around with your hair

When you both are in the act, and your man wants to fondle your hair, then let him do so. Did you know that your hair is your main attraction? Even since a man was born, he must have always been intrigued by what it feels to caress and feel long hair.

Now, he can do it with ease and how he wants with your hair. Mostly men like to fondle the woman’s hair when they are in the nude and having sex. When you are on top, then your partner can get aroused with all the hair around your face.

But some men prefer the women to have their hair tied around their heads. This helps them focus on their nude body.

Surprises work like magic

This point is unlike what you have read in the above post. If you are a woman who likes to think out of the box, then this one is for you. You can surprise your man by inviting a voluptuous woman who your man desires.

There are many call girls or escort services available in your area. You can call them and plan up with them for a night. Your man might not tell you this, but they love the idea of making out in your presence.

The idea here is to give him the best sex ever, so why not a threesome. Of course, you need to be comfortable with it. You don’t have to go ahead if you are not comfortable with the idea.

You can find more details about having a threesome (S.M.A.R.T.T. Method)

how to give him the best sex ever; FAQ

My partner tends to cum too quickly, like within a minute. What can I do about it?

If your partner cums early, then you may want to help him prolong it. He may have to practice controlling his semen or release. Perhaps, he can try masturbating with you and see how it goes. If you feel that nothing is helping out, then please visit a sexologist.

I’m a little overweight. Can I try anal sex?

Your weight has nothing to do with anal sex. Yes, you can try it out with your partner or lover, provided you do it in the correct position. Usually, anal sex is done in doggy style or missionary position. It takes a few thrusts for your man to enter inside your butthole, so don’t get disappointed if he cannot initially.

I find oils nauseating, but my partner insists on having a massage session?

While we can understand your predicament, you may want to use non-sticky oils. These kinds of oils are similar to baby oil. They are not too smelly and sticky. They do not stick on to your skin for long hours. A mild wash gets rid of them in no time. Massages are a great way of bonding with your partner. Why miss out on it?

Are escort services safe to try and do?

As long as you are using a reliable escort service, there is nothing to worry about. When you are open about having several partners, then you can register yourself on a community website. That way, you can avoid expensive payments involved in escort services. The swinging community always welcomes new members to satisfy their sex lives.

Wrapping up

We have ended our post with some hot tips on how to give him the best sex ever. We hope you were enlightened and got some ideas on how you are going to do it. Always remember to keep it real, no matter what.

Don’t hesitate to try something new with your partner, including anal sex and swinging, if you both are comfortable with it. You never know how far you guys can go with those ideas. Perhaps, we may have missed out on some pointers in hindsight.

Please do share your experience with us.

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