How To Tie Up Breast; Your Ultimate Guide In Breast Bondage

Perhaps you have heard about bondage. Maybe you would have seen the movie 50 shades of grey and wished that your boyfriend or partner made some of those interesting moves with you. Yes, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with few things in life.

In today’s post, we are going to be reading about breast bondage. This is one of the most popular forms of bondage in BDSM. Women love to get sexually aroused and want their partners to make them break the barriers.

Though it appears excruciating, you would be surprised to know that many women think of it as calm and highly seductive. So, without wasting any more time, let us check it out.

What and why breast bondage?

According to research, more than 40% of women loved their partner’s performing bondage on them. Bondage is part of BDSM. You do not have like it to do it. However, you will be a tat surprised to know that many American women have liked their partner doing that to them.

This practice involves your breast and a rope. Your partner or lover uses the rope to showcase your breasts. Depending on the manner in which you do it, the breasts can be separated. You can also tie them up together if you want to.

It does not have to be painful as it looks when you are carefully doing it. The process takes some time and practice to do, and you are good to go. This bondage process is done with the help of a rope and some other accessories that you would prefer to use.

Origination of the breast bondage method

It has Japanese origins. It was inspired by Eastern countries as done in Japan. The rope bondage is called as Shibari and also Kinbaku. However, you would also want to know that bondage was practiced among several Western countries too.

The tope harness is a beautiful method to give pleasure to a woman. It nicely showcases your breast with the rope surrounding them. You can either have the rope surround them or separate them.

Those of you who want to be aroused with the rope harness method can do with some action, including sucking, pinching, and kissing. You can also make use of nipple clamps on them. The breast can be slapped gently by your partner to get you aroused.

What does the woman go through during breast bondage?

Nothing out of the ordinary. She enjoys the pain to a certain extent. When you love to be flogged for fun and excitement, then you might want to indulge in it. When you are not too sure about it, then it is outstanding.

You can practice some sensual domination instead. First, you need to believe in yourself and prepare mentally, more than physically and sexually. Once you are ready, then you can go ahead and approach your partner.

Depending on how well your partner or lover is into, you can enjoy the experience. It can be painful at times, depending on the level of excitement you plan on having. While your partner can go slow and gentle on you, some women like it coming with power.

What are some of the reasons for doing breast bondage?

While the reasons for breast bondage may vary from woman to woman, the most common are discussed below:

  • It helps to lift your breasts and make them appear larger than there are to your partner.
  • It enables your breasts to look voluptuous.
  • It helps to bind the chest for the domination of the top over the bottom.
  • To give some pleasure to the woman and not cause pain.
  • It enables to the creation of knots for tying other parts of the body.

Safety methods to follow when doing breast bondage methods

Before moving to the breast bondage rope methods, we thought of bringing you some necessary safety procedures to know. This is crucial for both of you to know before indulging in the act.

Password for both

You both must have a password so that you both know when to stop if there is a problem. When you are hurting or feeling uncomfortable, make sure to say it out so that your partner becomes aware that you are in pain.

Finger measure

This is for beginners. When you begin breast bondage, you may not want to tie the ropes very tight. You can have a finger width between your breast and the rope. Have it slightly loose such that you can place your finger inside it.

Discoloration of breasts

When you or your partner notice some discoloration of your skin, then you know that it is time to stop. Slight redness can be an everyday thing. However, when you see it has become purple or too much of redness, you may want to stop immediately, even though you are enjoying it mentally.

Pain in the breasts

After removing the ropes from your breast, they may hurt for some time. You may want to let them rest for 10 minutes. You may not want to indulge in sexual activity for 10 minutes at least. Once you think your breast is fine, you can have sex, or your lover can massage your body.

Feeling light in your head

At times you may feel light in your head. That is due to the blood cut off to your brain, which may not be a good sign to the body. You do not want to get that far ever because it is bad for your health. Unlike what you may think that you are having a good time, you are actually not.

10 minutes maximum

You can play with the ropes for a maximum of 10 minutes. You can have some fun, excitement, but that is about it. Keep it at 10 minutes and not more. This gives you ample to have both pleasure and stimulation.

Creating your rope kit

The only way to find out the rope's ability would be to create your own rope kit. When designing the breast bondage, you must consider the kind of rope you are using. Usually, you can find two types of rope materials.

They are nylon and cotton. You need to decide on the kind of material that is comfortable for your body. While some women don’t might using nylon, some women prefer using cotton.

You can consider getting about 20-30 feet long rope for your use. Once you get the rope, make sure to run your hands over it several times. This will help you find out whether it is smooth or not. You may also want to have scissors or shears in hand.

Breast bondage tips

Before we read some of the breast bondage techniques, it is essential that you learn the art of using ropes. Once you purchase the rope from a reliable online retail site, feel it around your hands.

Make your partner feel the ropes gently around his hands to get an idea of how to use them on the flesh. He must learn how to design knots with the rope. The rope must not at any time become twisted or tangled around your body.

This can cause severe injuries to your body. He needs to learn how to make a bight. A bight is a loop where the rope is folded. Once the bondage session gets over, you may want to get rid of the rope leaving marks but no bruising on the skin.

Breast bondage rope methods

Here are some breast bondage tutorials that you can try out with your partner. Now, there is nothing to get upset or frustrated if things don’t work out initially. With some time, patience, and practice, you both can make it work out.

Please spend as much as time as you can in research. We have just given you a gist of the methods.

The simple harness

The simple harness is a simple method to place the rope on your breast. This is how you can do it. You fold the tope in half and design a bight. Then you make your partner to keep the bight on your spine region above your breast.

Your partner can wind the remaining rope on your breasts and get it to the spot on your spine. The two-piece of the rope needs to be brought together at the bight and then tightened there. He can make a loop if he wants to.

The rope should be placed in the opposite direction making a loop around the bight beneath the breasts. You can run the tope in the middle, putting it on the bight you made. You can then pull it through in the opposite direction of the loop.

We know it doesn't sound apparent. Playing with ropes can be fun and confusing at the same time. It may take some time to understand the basics of rope use.

Simple chest harness

This form makes use of a twisted rope between your breasts. Your partner needs to fold the rope in half and then place it on top of your breasts. Your hand needs to rest on your spine along with the bight too.

He needs to create a loop underneath your breasts by pulling the ends in opposite directions. Your lover can then bring the ends of the bight and pull the loop. Make first straps or a top band if possible.

Your partner then needs to fold it and pull it onto the other side. It should come like a V shape caused by the shoulder straps. It is not necessary to follow the same technique because creativity comes into play.

Shinju method

This is a very popular Japanese form of breast bondage method. For doing this, you will need a rope that is at least 20-feet in length. This kind of bondage method is relatively easy and fun to do.

Your partner needs to fold the rope in half, placing your hand in the bight. Help him place the bight at the lower portion of your breast using a finger. Then loop the rope around your partner's body under her breast.

You can then pull the rope using the loop on her spine. You can also separate the ends of the rope and place them over the shoulder.

Breast circling method

The breast circling method is a fun type of breast bondage where you need to bind each breast. If your breasts are larger than C cups, then you might want to give it a go. This method mainly depends on the size of your breast.

You can make use of a rope that is thinner than 6mm. Using a string can cause injuries to you. You need to bend down with your hands at your back. You will need to grab your breast and have your partner wrap the rope around one of the breasts.

You can make use of two loops when wrapping each breast. Your partner can grasp and pull each of the breasts if he wants. A secure loop ensures that the breast is bulged outside. However, it may darken, which is why you need to keep an eye on them.

Other ways to use breast bondage to feel good

You will be amazed to know that apart from the above-discussed methods of breast bondage, you can perform other combinations as well. With the help of lube, oils, and nipple clamps, you can feel the pleasures of breast bondage.

Your partner can make you cum using your nipples alone. Though it may not be as good as what you experience in your clitoris and G-spot, the pay-off is immensely worth it. You can also make use of sex toys for enjoying nipple stimulation.

How To Tie Up Breast; FAQ

What do I need to know when doing breast bondage?

You need to know a lot of things. We have tried to bring in everything in this article. However, we urge you to do some research of your own on breast bondage. The more knowledge you have, the better you are at performing it.

Your partner needs to know where and how to tie the knots without causing discomfort. Interpret your partner’s body sensations as they come. We suggest that your partner learns as much as he can about breast bondage techniques to enhance his skills.

What is your partner’s role in BDSM?

We have mentioned several aspects that your partner needs to do in this form of BDSM. Your partner needs to be extra careful, and we cannot stress on that. He needs to ensure that the blood flow is not restricted to any part of your body.

This is also for the body part that you intend to practice BDSM. He needs to know that your breasts are sensitive in many ways, and it can take one wrong move to hurt them badly. Hence, the need to be extra careful of things.

Is breast bondage linked with breast cancer?

There is no truth in it because this involves the outer region of your body. You are only getting tortured to a small extent. Besides, you have a first-aid kit at your disposal, ready for action if things go too ahead.

 When you are not too sure, you can have a chat with your medical advisor or physician or somebody you can confide in. As we said, take things slow in the beginning. Tell your partner to be ready for anything, just in case.

How are the pain levels?

This entirely depends on the activities you prefer. Some women like it a little soft, while others don’t mind it hardcore. They go to extreme levels to enjoy the pleasure and have some fun. While you, too, can do the same depending on your moods and capability.

Initially, though, we suggest that you take it easy on yourself. Tell your partner to do it such that you don’t feel too much pain. Once you are used to the pain, you can take things to the other side.


There you go. Beast bondage does not have to be considered as a form of slavery. This is a form of making dry love with your partner. Perhaps giving self-gratification with pain and punishment. Of course, you infuse your own spin on it and make it passionate as you can.

You can either be submissive and dominant based on your mood. Though it is not challenging, you may want to know that it takes time and perseverance to make it work. We hope that the post has been able to kindle the fire inside you to try it out next time your partner or lover.

We hope you enjoyed our post on how to tie a rope bra. It is quite simple to do and follow. Would you please make sure to follow the safely tips that we have mentioned in the above post? Don’t forget to write to us telling us all about your experience in your breast bondage.

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