What To Know About The Piledriver Sex Position?

When it comes to sex, if you are looking for something that can really bring out the best in both, then it has got to be the piledriver sex position. It is quite an erotic sexual position that requires immense flexibility from both the woman and the man as well.

Though it can seem awkward at times for some of you, you will enjoy doing it once you get used to the position with a bit of practice. When you both are at it, it can seem quite uncomfortable and uneasy, especially for the woman lying underneath with half her bent.

Why is the piledriver sex position so popular among couples?

Whether you want to believe it or not, this is one of the most popular postures among couples. They find it irresistible because of the intense stimulation that the man can give the woman.

When you thought that the doggy style position was unique and extraordinary, wait until you find out more about the pile driver sex posture.

The main benefit of trying out the piledriver posture is that you can have both vaginal and anal sex. So, if you are keen on having anal sex, then you might want to try this position. The sex position needs both of you to be flexible and cooperate with each other.

How to do the piledriver sex position?

To do the pile driver sex position, you need to lie down on your back. It could be on the bed or on the sofa. You can even lie down on the mat if you want. This is entirely up to your comfort. The surface needs to be firm and pleasant so that you can get into position easily.

Then lift your legs into the air and bend them towards your body. Your legs are almost touching your breast. Your man can then hold on to your ankles and then penetrate inside of you. During penetration, you both need to ensure that the penetration is done smoothly.

What do you need to do when having sex in this position?

During this position, the woman needs to ensure that she is steady. You do not want to release your position without warning. Doing that may cause injuries to your man’s penis. That is because he won’t be able to move out quickly.

To hold yourself steady, you can put your arms on the ground or hold on to something. Perhaps, you can hold the bedpost. If you are comfortable doing it on the mat or carpet, then you can go ahead and do so.

As we said, when in the pile driver position, you can also have anal sex if you are willing to give it a try.

What does your man do when having sex in this position?

Unlike most sex positions, the woman on top or missionary sex posture, where either one of you is in control. The pile driver gives more dominance to your man. Hence the man needs to ensure that he penetrates safely.

First, he must get into position. He has to remain steady when having sex with you. He must keep his body steady and in the same position. Remember, he will be doing most part of the act in this sex position.

If your partner is uncomfortable squatting or bending down on you, you may try out the alternative positions discussed in this post.

Our bonus tip for having more fun in the piledriver sex

You can have more fun and excitement in the pile driver sex position by sitting on a sofa. However, you need to do it the opposite of how you would usually sit on your couch. Your waist gets supported on the backrest, and your shoulders are placed where your butt should be.

This position can be slightly comfortable for those of you who are somewhat obese or find the position on your little uncomfortable. Only when you are satisfied with the position, you stand to really enjoy it.

What are some of the benefits of doing the piledriver sex position?

The woman can get intense orgasms.

Many couples have felt the same way. The woman tends to get intense orgasm after doing the pile driver sex position. It makes you feel liberated after all the exercise and stretching. Besides, your partner can rub your clitoris to as it is right in front of him.

It is similar to a workout session.

This one comes as no surprise because many couples have said the same thing. The sex performance becomes more of a workout session between you both. As it is, you are stretched, and your man has a heavy workout with all the squatting.

It is ideal for having anal sex.

If you are keen on doing anal sex, then this position would be the best rather than the doggy. Your butt is stretched in front of him, and he can get deeper penetration if he wants to. The above was some of the benefits of having the pile driver sex with your partner or lover.

What to know when doing the piledriver sex position

There are a couple of things that you would want to know when doing the piledriver sex position. There is nothing to worry about. You can master it provided you are patient with your partner and practice it a few times.

The man and woman need to be flexible.

This is one of the sex positions where both the partners need to be extremely fit and flexible. Though you may be slightly obese, you can give it a try if your partner is flexible and feels he is comfortable doing it.

While there is no age limit to doing this position, if you are not flexible to bend your knees, then you may want to reconsider. Besides, when you are experiencing pain in the back or hips, and so on.

Avoid doing it if you have had back surgery or pain.

Some sex positions are extremely seductive that you both are compelled to try it out at least once. When you have had back surgery, are recovering from a sore back, or have immense pain, it is best to rest.

We have had complaints where couples recovering from surgeries have done it, and things ended badly. When both are not confident or comfortable with it, then you may want to try it alternatives, given below this segment.

It is ideal for having anal sex.

Sex positions do not have to be limited only to your vagina. When both of you are keen on having anal sex, then you can try doing it with each other with the help of this posture. It gives you a smooth and exciting ride. Your man can easily penetrate the inside of you. If your partner has reservations about penetrating, you can use a sex toy or the libido to insert and have some fun.

The main idea of having sex is to enjoy yourself and, more importantly, have a good orgasm. You do not want to get upset or annoyed with yourselves if you find the piledriver sex position uncomfortable.

We have given you some alternate sex positions that you may want to try out

Alternate sex positions to the piledriver sex position

Given below are some alternate sex positions to the piledriver sex position. You can bet that they are pretty exciting, intense and provide you with as much fun as you will have when performing the piledriver sex position.

The Deckchair sex position

The deckchair sex position is a fun posture. Please do note; it has nothing to do with a deck or a chai. This position is like a man on top of you. However, though you will be lying on your back, your body posture is shaped like a deckchair, hence the name of the position.

This is a fun try to position with your man. You can quickly get into the deckchair position when you are having sexual intercourse in the missionary position. Your partner can be on his knees to support himself and your lower half.

You will have your legs slightly lifted up to ensure that your partner is able to penetrate the inside of you deeply. You can take the support of your man at his waist or shoulders. Couples have complimented the position as it gives the woman intense stimulation, while the man enjoys it.

The Anvil sex position

The anvil sex position is another exciting posture that can be done when you are performing the missionary position. You need to be laid on your back and lift your legs close to your chest. Your man then penetrates the inside of you.

This can become complicated if your man puts his entire body weight on you. He needs to be able to balance himself with his hands placed next to his head on both sides. Your legs are placed on either side of his neck.

Maybe you can caress your man’s face or his neckline to motivate him to push harder. You can perhaps place your right fingers inside your partner’s mouth, and he can suck on it. Doing that can enhance your sexual stimulation.

The Brute sex position

The Brute sex position is another interesting posture having your man facing away from you. This position sees that your man is more dominant. Though it is one of the postures that you do not come across often, you will love it.

You need to lie down on your back and place your knees on your chest. Your man must stand facing away from you and slowly sit down, taking support of your knees. Perhaps, he can also squat on your body and then penetrate gently.

Then he will need to move up and down. Both partners need to take extreme caution when trying this sex position. When your man is squatting and placing his penis inside you, the woman must ensure that it gets inside correctly; otherwise, it can cause minor injuries.

The above were some erotic alternate sex positions that you would want to try out. They can be entertaining, provided you are careful when sliding into position. You can add your own fun elements in there to make the sex activity pleasurable.

Piledriver Sex Position; FAQ

How challenging is it to do the piledriver sex position?

To be quite honest, it is a quite challenging sex position. Even youngsters find it quite advanced and unique to do as it needs a high amount of strength and flexibility. That is because both of you have to keep steady together. It can be physically demanding for you.

What are some of the pros & cons of doing the piledriver sex position?

The pile driver sex position can be challenging to do for you, but all the hard work and effort pays in the end. It is easy and fun to do. Your man might love it because he does the dominating aspect of it.

Besides, you can have anal sex, if you prefer. Unfortunately, the position can be challenging, as many women find it difficult to remain steady for long periods of time. It can affect your back and the hip region as you will be bend shape for quite a while.

Should I know anything before trying the piledriver sex position?

If you have read our post, then we have covered everything there is to know. Like we said, if you are recovering from surgery or have chronic back pain, then you may want to try ordinary positions.

You do not want to try out sex positions that can aggravate your back pain. The same can be said for men. If your partner finds it challenging to keep steady or finding is uncomfortable when penetrating, you can always switch over to the missionary sex position.

Final thoughts

The piledriver sex is a definite must for all couples. When you and your partner are comfortable doing it with each other, then you can also make it a regular position. It gives the man more control and dominance.

But the woman enjoys what she sees. Sometimes it is nice to see your man taking control and pumping hard inside of you, never like before. Some men have said that it takes some practice for mastering the art of sliding down their penis inside during the pile driver position.

Though it is not the easiest or comfortable position for both the man and woman, it provides intense stimulation and perfect posture for anal sex too. Why don’t you go ahead and try the piledriver sex position today with your lover?

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