Scrotum Massages; Man’s Secret For Sexual Health

You can call it the jewels of your heirloom, balls, and even your testicles. They all mean the same. Would you believe us if we told you that scrotum massages could be beneficial to them? That is correct.

It helps in increasing the sperm count, boosts your testosterone levels and your overall sex life. Perhaps, we now have your attention. You would be surprised to know that men do not give sufficient attention to their testicles.

They get left behind because more attention is given to penis size. You would find several men concerned about the size of their penis, not bothering about their balls.

Importance of a man’s testicles

Medically speaking, the testicles are also important. They are crucial organs of any man because they give your partner or lover a better sex drive and account for the storage of semen. Your partner’s balls produce sperm that is almost 95% of the testosterone present in him.

They can affect his ability to think, react, and act emotionally, physically, and sexually. You may want to also keep an eye on them. If you notice changes in the shape, then you need to take him to a doctor.

The best way to ensure that your man’s testicles are functioning well is to ensure that there is ample blood flow using a massage.

Origination of the word testis and significance to the body

The word testicles were derived from a Latin word, testis. It means witness. Now witness to what we don’t exactly know. However, in those days, a man would place his hand on his balls and swear to witness something or tell the truth.

That is why you may want to encourage your man to pay attention to his reproduction system. The testicles are behind the penis in your man. It varies from man to man. While some men have large penises, some may have medium to small ones.

When it is cold, you can notice the balls get shorted or coming close to the penis. Likewise, when it gets warm, the testicles become enlarged or move away from the penis. It works like a muscle.

What are scrotum massages?

If you have not heard about it before or, worse, not done it to your partner before, then thought of it can be uneasy. You do not have to worry or panic because there is no need to. It is a pretty straightforward practice.

All you need to use is your hands. This is a massage and not oral sex. Some of you may confuse it with sucking, licking, and squeezing. Well, none of that happens here. According to science, men were given massages on the testicles to ease it after having sexual intercourse.

Some men may have slight pain or erection issues. They are solved with a gentle massage. The scrotum massage enables your man to maintain good health and enhance sexual quality.

How to give your man scrotum massage?

Like we said, it is pretty straightforward. It would help if you used only your hands. You may warm them up a little by rubbing them together. This gives your hands some energy to them, and your partner may feel relaxed having something warm placed on his testicles.

It can be annoying when you place cold hands on his prized possessions. As you are massaging his testicles, you need to press them firmly. You do not want to cause any pain but to give him a sensation of relaxation.

If he has any pain or discomfort in there, it may vanish away in few massages. However, when the pain is more, then it may take weeks of regular massaging. As you might know, massage on any part of the body increases blood flow.

Should you use oils?

We think it is an excellent idea. You may want to ask your partner or lover about the kinds of oils that he prefers. Most men may not prefer coconut oil as it is pretty sticky and can cause irritation. You can consider using baby oil.

Baby oil is non-sticky and does not cause any issues. They come off quickly with a small wash. Most men would prefer that. You can also consider using jojoba or herbal oils. They are not only suitable for the balls but also for the skin around them.

They can immensely enhance the blood flow happening in the balls. It takes some time for the discomfort to go away.

What happens when you are massaging the testicles?

Besides improving the blood flow, other good things also happen. If you did not know, the blockage of the blood flow is the cause of having pain in there. Giving your partner a massage there will get rid of the pain in there.

As you know, the testicles are mainly responsible for the production of sperm. You have testosterone. The testicles are attached through the spermatic cord. Tugging on it gently with your massage can move the muscles around it.

The balls present in the sac improve on flexibility. You can also massage on the outer layers of the skin also.

What are the sensitive areas between the balls and the anus?

The balls and the anus have sensitive areas between them in the form of the perineum. You must ensure that you rub the entire region. They are connected with the nerves, and some of them are quite sensitive.

A mere touch can make them feel aroused. Likewise, the stimulation of the perineum gives your man a lot of comforts. You may not want to squeeze the balls, but slowly, erotically, and gently massage it around.

You may want to ensure that your nails are cut. We do not want any injuries happening in there. These areas are sensitive, and any small error in judgment causes intense pain.

How to give a careful massage to your man’s testicles?

You would know by now that the testicles are sensitive parts of the body. You may have seen boys or men getting hit under the belt and moaning in agony. You do not want the same happening to your man, right.

This is especially when he is having erection problems or facing the premature release of sperm. These are common issues that can be treated with a gentle massage. While some men might find it arousing, most men may find it ticklish and annoying to a certain extent.

You may not want to surprise him with the massage and cause knee-jerk reactions.

How to approach your man with the topic?

You may have read somewhere about people advising you to talk about it when having sex or before doing it. We feel that it is best to talk to him after having sex. You may want to notice his erection, thickness of the penis, and release time.

If everything is fine, then you can take the topic slowly from there as you wish. But, when his penis thickness is desired, the release time is quick, then you may want to bring it the scrotum massage topic firmly gently.

The first few times are maybe annoying for both of you. He may deny things. But once you get started, he will be asking for more.

How to get started?

Just like men prefer a clean-shaven vagina, women too prefer a clean-shaven penis area. You do not want to be having pubic hair sticking around your hands or your mouth when massaging him. Besides, you are happy with what you see.

Please be careful when shaving his penis area. Of course, you cannot shave the balls using a razor. Serious damage can happen. He can use a trimmer at the most. But we suggest that you shave the hair around the top area of the abdomen.

Forget experimenting with a razor around your partner’s penis. You do not want to try anything that can cause injuries to him.

Gentle massage testicles techniques

We have provided you with a few gentle massage testicles techniques that can make your partner cum nicely.

The running water technique

Unlike what you think, this method does not involve any water in it. You can do it easily by cupping your hands and then placing them on his testicles. Then you will want to make few wave-like motions using your fingers.

Gently move around your fingers around your man’s balls to make him cum hard.

Squeezing technique softly

The second is the squeezing softly technique. In here, you need to gently cup your hands again, then gently apply some pressure on them. You then can release the tension slowly. Keep repeating the process till your man can cum out with pleasure.

You can consider doing the move when he is lying down. Perhaps, you can also make him sit. Either way, you are going to make him come hard at you. So, in the end it depends on your comfort and position.

The rubbing technique

The rubbing technique is one of the best scrotum massages where your man would feel liberated from the pressures of life. You need to have your man lie down on his back. Then open your palms and run them up and down. Keep rubbing up and down from his perineum and testicles.

Using a vibrator

You would be stunned to know that not only women but even men use vibrators too. That is right. Men prefer using the vibrator in their sensitive regions to make them feel aroused and ticklish.

If your man has no idea about it, then this would be an excellent way to surprise him. Do it gently to him. While you are using the vibrator on him, then you can give him oral sex.

Using your mouth

Think of using your mouth. That is right. You can use your mouth to suck your partner’s testicles. You can begin by sucking up and then slowly move down. First, suck his left or right ball sac and then move around gently.

While you cannot place both the testicles in your mouth, you can do it as you please and wish. Just make sure that your man has had a wash and is clean. You can also stroke his penis using your hand and suck one of his balls.

He would definitely take delight in that. You can think of any position that you are comfortable sucking or massaging his testicles.

Using your teeth

You can do that by gently nibbling around his testicles. Make sure that you do not apply too much of pressure on it. Otherwise, it can cause pain in that region. When using your teeth, nibble around gently.

When your man finds the nibbling ticklish or uncomfortable, then you can use your lips. Similar to what you may do when giving him a blow job. You do not want to be using too much force, or it may end up causing him to pain instead of pleasure.

The imitation game

The imitation game is an exciting game that you can play on your man to see his reaction. You can rub him around the area and see his response. Maybe you can imitate like him. Some partners may get turned on to offer you oral sex.

You can use your feet

Some men prefer the feet more than the hands. If your man likes your feet, then do not hesitate to use them. They are known as feet fetish. Gently rub your feet on his stomach and then go down slowly to the focus area.

You can think of it as a foot job on his penis and balls. Make sure that you do not want to end kicking him in right there. A gentle tug or push using the feet can be permitted, provided he is alright with it.

A gentle massage using oils

You can think of giving him a sensual massage on the scrotum area using oils. You can massage your partner on his entire body. Then towards the end, you can focus on the mentioned areas. Men sure like a massage just as much as women do.

You can also stroke his penis a couple of times and then tug his testicles. Like we read in the initial paragraphs of the post, you can use baby oils and non-sticky oils. They make it suitable for a seductive massage.

Rough testicles massage techniques

In the above techniques, we read about some gentle massage techniques. However, here we will be taking a look at some rough testicles massage methods. Some men do not mind some form of seductive act that involves pain.

It is known as cock and ball torture (CBT).

This method involves several kinds of acts that are mentioned below:
  • Hitting, pulling, and stepping on the balls.
  • Using a lock to cage his balls.
  • Stretching, urethral sounding, and waxing the genitals.
  • It can also involve busting the area.

Yes, these methods are quite extreme and involve some kind of torture. Nobody is making you do them with your man unless you really want to consider it. Just because it sounds nice and attractive, you do not want to do it.

What are some of the tools to use?

You can consider giving your man a good spanking using your mouth or hand. Of course, you can also do it with the help of some tools available in the market. We have briefly discussed about them below:

Cock rings

Cock rings, like the name implies, are worn around the balls. You can make your man wear them on the base of his penis. You can also place it around his balls and separate his balls. These rings can help your man feel harder and more muscular.

Gloves and scarves

You can use your gloves or scarves to rub your man’s testicles. Anything that he is comfortable with can be used. You can think of something that comes with bumps on them. These items can give him some relief.

Balls stretcher

You can make use of the ball stretcher on your partner’s scrotum area. They are produced from several materials. It is like a cock sling that stretches your man’s balls. This is a kind of stretcher that has both the functions of a ring and a stretcher.

Whips and canes

Finally, you have whips and canes. You know what they are used for. However, you need to ensure that you hit your man gently with it. They come produced from different kinds of materials, and you will want to know the force of each of them.

Rough sex is not meant for everybody. If you are not alright doing it, then you might as not do it. Some couples and partners don’t mind crossing the boundary and experimenting a bit using the proper precautionary methods.

Benefits of giving your partner a scrotum massage

Here are some of the benefits of giving your partner a scrotum massage.

  • It immensely enhances the male potency by activating the production of sperm.
  • The testosterone levels are immensely increased.
  • It hardens your penis when you get erections.
  • Your sexual energy is boosted immensely.
  • You feel manly and better about it.
  • You no longer feel any pain or uneasiness in there after having sex.
  • The inflammation and stagnation of the testicles are reduced.

Scrotum Massages; FAQ

How do I prepare myself for scrotum massages?

As a woman, you may want to get rid of your long nails if you have them. They can cause severe injuries in there if not done correctly. Since you will be using your hands, it is best that way.

Can I give him a scrotum massage in the bathroom?

You can give him a scrotum massage in the bathroom, in your bedroom, or just about anywhere you feel like doing it. The bathroom may be an ideal place when you plan on using oils and tools mentioned in the post.

I want to try rough scrotum massages. Are they safe?

They are far from safe. Maybe if you would look at some porn movies or tutorial videos, you may get an understanding of what it involves. We would not recommend them if you or your man are not comfortable doing it.

What is the most straightforward form of scrotum massage?

We strongly feel that it is the blow job where you use your mouth and stroke your man’s penis. However, you can make use of baby oils to give him a massage. Besides, there are other ways of enjoying too, like bondage, with a bit of practice.

Final thoughts

We hope you liked what you read in the above post on scrotal massage. Perhaps, you can consider doing it today to your man. A man’s testicles can double in size during sexual intercourse.

As you can see, that is a lot. Hence, you may want to think of giving him that massage today. This is also a good option when you are planning to start a family together. A little rubbing before the pumping will help you conceive.

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